The Second Adam

In June 2014, a gardener came from Europe to plant tomatoes and vegetables by the bank of River Ethiope. He was Adam in the garden of Eden.

The skeptic who never took seriously religion and spiritism was annointed in the midst of over ten thousand worshippers during the seventh regional convention of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria taking in Igbighoko Benin City.

He was annointed with divine wealth, divine ministration, fresh annointing, divine favour and international figure. After the dramatic annointing caught on camera, the same people who annointed him rejected, mocked and abandoned him.

After the annointing in Benin, the Urhobos (the Jews) nailed him to a tree in the old execution ground on the road from Igun to Otumara and murdered him by the bank of River Ethiope. The hostile villagers fought furiously against the gardener because they feared he would convert the hex from witchcraft to Christ and destroy thier power and influence. is the hex converted from witchcraft to Christ.

Consequently, the grim reaper came and led him to the underworld and tried to trap him there.

A white stone was turned into a black stone when they killed him in Igun.

He saw death (the grim reaper) and experienced death while the grim reaper accompanied him for five years.

The grim reaper couldn't hold him down in the underworld. He rose from death to life, and this website is his life after death.

Five years ago, he was the first Adam walking naked in the garden of Eden. Nakedness stands for ignorance. He was naked because he didn't know who he was. The villagers tried to stop him because they already knew who he was and what he would do.

He died when they forced him out of the garden.

Today, he is the second Adam clothed in the garden of God.