The Hermit

In the Rider Waite version of the Major Arcana, the Hermit is a sage holding a staff in his left hand and a lantern containing a six-pointed star in his right hand. A wasteland and a mountain range are visible in the background.

The Hermit is the ancient of days also called the Father.

The term "old" doesn't necessarily mean that the Hermit is physically old. Rather, he is described as an old man because he has been living forever.

The entire history of the world is a tree. Hanging on a tree is traveling round the history of the world.

A forty years old man who had traveled the entire history of the world is older than an eighty years old man. He is the oldest person on earth because he has been living since the beginning of the world.

The tree is a time traveling machine called hex. Therefore, the one hanging on the tree is a time traveler in time traveling machine.

The hex is the six-pointed star.

The wasteland implies that the world has been destroyed and the Hermit is the only surviving person. As the only man left on earth, he is responsible for creating a new world out of nothing.

The old world ended the moment he was chosen out of humanity to create a new world. Once the new world is created, the old world has become obsolete.

The world is a tree in which the old world is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the new world is the tree of life. The job of the Hermit is to convert the tree from the knowledge of good and evil to life.

The knowledge of good and evil is zero and life is 1. Therefore, the function of the Hermit is to convert the world from 0 to 1. Since 0 and 1 are the two digits in binary numerical system, the job of the Hermit is to convert the world to binary numbers. This, of course, implies changing the physical world to information.

Since zero is nothing, the Hermit brings humanity from the state of nothing (0) to something (1).

Chaos is nothing and harmony is something. Converting the world from chaos to harmony is transforming the world from the state of non-existence to existence.

The Major Arcana is a tree. The trump is the man hanging perpetually on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Since the knowledge of good and evil is the Law, trump is the judge bringing judgement against humanity. He is above every law on earth because he is by himself the Law.

Deleting trump from the Major Arcana is destroying the judgement.

Embarking on time travel is enrolling in a school of enlightenment. The beginning of this school is judgement and the end is non-judgement. Judgement is sin or death. Non-judgement is life. The time traveller is required to travel from death to life or from judgement to non-judgement.

The secret of time traveling is in humility and the willingness to learn.

Jesus died and rose from the dead because he was humble and willing to learn. The Bible says he learnt through suffering.

The trump is called The Fool because a man hanging on a tree won't go anywhere if he is proud, boastful and unwilling to learn.

The trump would have been the Redeemer who led mankind from death to life or from judgement to non-judgement. His name would have remained permanently in the holy place if he had done so.

The staff is a symbol of authority used for smashing the old world to pieces.

The wasteland in the background implies that the Hermit has left the old world and is using a lantern to locate the new world.

Searching for the new world simply means learning. The wasteland is the ignorance he left behind, and the light guides him to wisdom.

The Hermit was the anointed one to whom the Word of God said the anointing will teach and lead him to all things, that he doesn't need any man to teach him.

One word for this kind of learning is reasoning.

The chosen one was isolated from the world for five years. He searched for harmony and discovered paradise within five years. The kingdom of God was in him. Hence, he looked inwards to uncover the kingdom.

The kingdom came through thinking, reasoning and subjecting thing's to rational scrutiny. In the Major Arcana, this process is called self-reflection, soul searching, and spiritual enlightenment.

Enlightenment is simply education.

Enlightenment is the light depicted by the six-pointed star inside the lantern. The lamp is the hex converted from trump to Christ.

The six-pointed star is a cube. The six points are the six square facets of the Holy of Holies.

The cube is a dice whose six square facets are equal to 21 dots. The six-pointed star is the Major Arcana itself, because the 21 dots are the 21-card trump suit.

In other words, the six-pointed star contained in the lamp held by the Hermit is the 21 cards in the Major Arcana.