Nullification of Witchcraft in Urhobo

Nullifying witchcraft in Urhobo is neutralising the evil spell Ourobos.

Practising witchcraft and the belief that witches can influence the fate and fortune of humans are tampant in Urhobo-speaking areas of Delta State, Nigeria. The Niger Delta is a spiritual battleground between Christians and so-called witches and wizards.

The Urhobos believe that some trees are covens where witches gather at night, and they blame personal and societal misfortunes on the activities of these witches.

The physical world is controlled by the spiritual.

In Igun, a village notorious for practising witchcraft, the indigenes usually say that there is another Igun apart from the physical Igun. They meant that there is a spiritual Igun where the fortunes of the physical are determined.

The Urhobos believe that certain individuals in the society are sacrificial animals like goats tied to stakes in coven.

People tend to hold members of their families, friends and neighbours responsible for personal misfortunes. Instances of fathers accusing their children, wives or parents of bewitchment are rampant.

Witchcraft is an act of practising magic and sorcery.

The term "night" associated with witchcraft means secrecy.

Certain members of the society are eight initiated into the secret knowledge of the hex or secretly consult with traditional witch doctors specialised in the act of using the hex to manipulate and cause confusion in the family and society for the advantage of their clients or members.

Cohesion between some family members or groups of people in the society is fuelled by confusion between others who are not members of the coven.

Witchcraft is associated with trees because most of the acts of sorcery are carried out in shrines built under trees.

The sorcerers understood clearly that the hex is a tree and a river. They also known that the hex is a machine code.

What is known as sorcery or magic or witchcraft is simply a traditional method of programming existing before the first computer was invented.

Sorcerers use the hex for pety things because they didn't know that the hex is the Omphalos and whoever controls the hex controls the universe.

Witchdoctors are traditional programmers using the hex to control people and society. This explains why witchcraft and sorcery are called "remote control" or "manipulation" in Nigeria.

Whether a society, a nation, or the world is a just or an unjust place depends on how the hex is programmed. The hex is at the core of every religion, culture, nation, kingdom and subject.

Founders of religions and nations and kingdoms were programmers empowered to create worlds. The level of growth and development in Urhobo land is the product of how the hex is programmed by those who were in custody of its secret knowledge.

In witchcraft, the hex is programmed to bring destruction, confusion, conflict, division and instability to the society in order for the wicked to rule over the good and trample upon them.

Sorcerers create Apps by speaking words into the hex standing by the banks of rivers or under trees. These Apps control the lives of people, bringing fortunes to their clients and misfortunes to other members of the society.

The spiritual is information.

The fortunes and destinies of people are altered by words pronounced in shrines, under trees, and the banks of rivers. Some persons were cursed in these shrines.

The trees in Ethiope are branches of the Kapok tree in Umuaja. Therefore, all curses pronounced under these trees are broken and destroyed under the cotton silk tree in Umuaja.

The way to solve a problem is to determine the root of the problem and solve it from the foundation.

The cotton silk tree in Umuaja is the source of River Ethiope. Therefore, every curse pronounced anywhere near and within the River Ethiope is cancelled, declared null and void, and destroyed.

The shrines anywhere in the land beyond River Ethiope are branches of the shrine by the Kapok tree in Umuaja. Consequently, all curses pronounced in shrines in the towns, villages, forests, and anywhere in the land are cancelled and destroyed.

Every wealth, womb, life, destiny, progress and prosperity locked down or tied up in these shrines, rivers and trees are opened, cut loose and set free.

We delete every script written under any tree or shrine in Urhobo land by deleting and rewriting the script in Umuaja.

We uninstall every programme from under the tree in Umuaja, and destroy every remote control or App developed against us anywhere in the river and the land.

The Kapok tree in Umuaja is the hex. Therefore, we destroy the curses by converting the hex from witchcraft to Christ. is the Kapok tree (the hex) converted from witchcraft to Christ.

The tree is converted from coven to Christ. Consequently, the covens are cut down, set on fire, burnt, and their ashes blown away by the wind.

The most powerful man on earth is the one with the sole authority to programme the hex and determine the future of humans on earth. He writes the script and God makes it happen.