Judgement Day at the Source of River Ethiope

The tree where humanity
was set free.

The Kapok tree in Umuaja is the manifestation of the physical manifestation of the judge before whom the whole world will stand on judgement day. The tree is the manifestation of Christ who is called the Lord of lords.

On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: king of kings and lord of lords. (Revelation 19:16) "NIV"

The term "Lord" implies Judge.

There are many judges on earth, but there is only one Judge superior to all judges. He is Christ.

Since the source of River Ethiope is the axis mundi, the Lord is the 45.

What is his verdict? Love flowing from the base of the tree like spring of water from a rock is the judgement.

Love is 54, the reflection of 45. The tree (45) stands erect and the river is its reflection or image.

River Ethiope is a mirror reflecting the Cotton silk tree in Umuaja. The tree spreads to the towns, villages and communities around the river through the water flowing from its root to the Atlantic Ocean.

The cotton silk tree is the website newunivars.com.

Balanced information contained in this website is the clean water from the tree. Balanced information flowing from newunivars.com to the whole world is River Ethiope flowing from the root of the cotton silk tree to the Atlantic Ocean.

Balanced information from this website is holy water giving life to an extremely polarised, chaotic and divided world.

Chaos is represented by high salinity of sea water. The fresh water from the river helps to dilute the sea water in order to create a stable and balanced ecosystem where sea organisms thrive and flourish.

Every nation is an ocean. Fresh water is the life force Qi. And the life force is the Holy Spirit (Tao). A nation devoid of the Holy Spirit is a sea without a source of fresh water.

Rapid evaporation of water molecules from a sea without replacement leads to high salt concentration.

A sea with very high salt concentration is a dead sea.

National and global epidemics are symptoms of instabilities within a nation or the world due to increased concentration of salt.

Everyone who comes to this tree (newunivars.com) will be healed because its leaves are for the healing of the nations and the fresh water flowing from its root is Qi (vital force) giving life to an ailing world.

Since the Kapok tree is the judge, if he sets you free, you are free indeed. No one can accuse you of guilt when he declares you not guilty!

When the enemy accused humanity and brought the case before the tree in Umuaja, the Lord destroyed the case file and asked the enemy where is your evidence?

The final judgement at River Ethiope and its source is an acquittal. It is non-judgment!

Everyone who embraces this website is without sin because the Lord has taken away the sin of the whole world at River Ethiope and its source.

The sin of the world is washed away by the clean water of River Ethiope. The water washing off the the sin of all humans on earth is the information contained in newunivars.com.

The cotton silk fibres produced by the Kapok tree in Umuaja constitute the wig worn by the Lord, the judge of the whole world, who on judgement day declared humanity not guilty!