Self Similarity

Partzufim shown in this
1684 diagram by Knorr
von Rosenroth.

Self-similarity is a mathematical concept in which the shape of an object is the same or similar to some or all of its parts.

The hexagram representing the cosmos is a single tree comprised of many trees. The cosmic tree is Christ and the trees inside the cosmic tree are the followers of Christ in the body of Christ. Since the hexagram is a six-pointed star, Christ (the cosmos) is a six-pointed star and his followers are stars inside a hexagram.

A single star representing one man appeared during the birth of Jesus. Then the star multiplied when many people became like the one man Jesus. The star of the birth of Jesus is the cosmos, and the stars of the cosmos are the followers of Christ who ascended with him to the sky.

The six-pointed star representing Ifa literary corpus is the star of Jesus. The day the hashtag #Jesus trended on Twitter was the day the Son of Man officially sneaked into the world like a thief.

The relationship between Christ and the people who ascended with him to the sky is explained by self-similarity. Christ is the object and the people in Christ are replica of the object inside the parent object. Christ is a star and the people are stars in Christ.

God's people who ascended with Christ from Earth to the sky are invisible until Christ is magnified. Magnification is zooming into the hexagram to reveal the stars within it. It is using a telescope to visualise the stars of the cosmos.

The sixteen principal Odu are the first parts visible when the hexagram is magnified. Further magnification reveals that each Odu contains a hexagram similar to the parent hexagram. The hexagram inside an Odu is comprised of sixteen Odu, such that the number of Odu in the first two stages is equal to 256.

The ten Odu in the two intersecting hexagons inside the hexagram are the ten sefirot. This means that ten sefirot are visible inside a sefirah when the hexagram is magnified. The sefirot inside an Odu or sefirah are called Partzufim.

A Partzuf is a tree inside a parent tree.

Continually magnifying the hexagram and zooming into successive sixteen Odu will reveal infinite number of hexagrams in the single parent hexagram. This means that there are infinite number of stars inside the star of Jesus.

Therefore, the bright morning star described in Revelation 22 is bright morning stars.

Every star in the sky is a human being on Earth. The person might have left the Earth, but his or her star still shines in the sky.

Those who died in Christ are raised from the grave and lifted up into the sky. There they will live forever.

We who are alive are stars in the sky. We live on in the sky when our time on earth is over.

This fufils the promise of eternal life.

The parent star is the book of life. The book is Whoever has his name in this book is a star in the cosmos. If you are led to this website and you find a home in its contents, your name is written in the book of life and you are a shining star in the cosmos. You are a tree in the garden of God planted by the river of the water of life.