Orunmila is the High Priest who entered into the Holy of Holies and offered sacrifice to Eledumare on behalf of mankind. It was a sacrifice that took away the sin of the whole world. He entered into the cosmos and brought the wisdom and knowledge of the cosmos to human understanding so that humans could live in peace and harmony.

Orunmila is a sage whom Olodumare gave intuitive knowledge (Ori) as a tool for interceding on behalf of humans.

He learnt the wisdom and knowledge of the cosmos from Olodumare and brought humans to the cosmos by teaching them what he learnt.

Orunmila is called the Orisha of wisdom, knowledge and divination because the cosmos is Ifa and using scientific and logical methods to discern the cosmos is an act of divination.

Eledumare created the orderly universe (the cosmos). Then he made Orunmila the microcosm of the orderly universe by placing the cosmos inside him. Orunmila is said to have a hand in the creation of the universe because he brought the orderly universe to human understanding by using teaching tools to construct the cosmos.

As a microcosm of the cosmos, Orunmila is praise named "Igbakeji Olodumare" which means "second in command to God Almighty".

The cosmos which Orunmila brought to the Earth is Ifa (the wisdom of Olodumare). His teaching is an advanced spiritual knowledge of the cosmos in newunivars.com.

Orunmila is also called Agbonniregun, Ọrúnla, Orúla, or Orúla.

Agbo(nnire)gun is Agbogun in which "nnire" is silent.

Olodumare has no second in command. Orunmila was a man separated from the rest of humanity and taught the advanced knowledge of Ifa. He entered into Ifa itself, such that he was the High Priest inside the Holy of Holies. He came out and became a human being after completing his priestly duties inside the Holy of Holies.

Eledumare alone became the King and ruler of the universe the moment Orunmila came from the Holy of Holies to Earth. This is why Eledumare is called the Almighty God and sovereign ruler of the universe.

Agbogun (Agbonniregun) is Orunmila who entered into Ifa (the Holy of Holies) and brought Ifa literary corpus, as a pure and advanced scientific knowledge of Ifa, to the Earth.