Omega Point

The 45 is the Omega point.

The universe has been moving in a direction of complexity or continuous fragmentation. The assertion that the universe is the product of the big bang is affirmed by the history of the world moving from simplicity to complexity.

Entropy is the degree of disorderliness. A world originating from the big bang is clearly a chaotic world (disordered world) with constantly increasing entropy.

Increased global temperature is the product of increasing entropy. At the state of maximum entropy, everything in the universe will spiral towards the point of divine unification called the Omega point. This means that a big crunch will occur at the Omega point after the completion of the journey of the big bang.

The universe formed by the big bang was chaos. There is a harmonious universe in the Omega point at the end of chaos.

The Omega point is the six-pointed star (the hexagram).

Everything in the universe is fused into one by the heat energy produced by the increase in entropy. This means that the heat is dissipated and the temperature falls to zero at the Omega point.

The Koch snowflake is the hexagram symbolising zero temperature.

Global warming, green house effect, melting polar ice, increased sea volume and flooding, and the depletion of the ozone layer are products of humans complicating the universe and dwelling in a chaotic world.

The Omega point is the center of the world where all people are united to form the cosmos. The cosmos is the noosphere whose center is the Omega point.

Every human being in the world is a star. In chaos, the lights of the stars are separate, small and invisible. When united at the Omega point, all the stars are combined to form a very bright light called the dazzling light of the presence of the Lord. This explains why the Omega point is described as "Light from Light." The first light is the stars constituting chaos. The second light is the cosmos created by uniting all the stars in chaos to form the single bright star called Christ.

The Omega point is a new universe existing at the end of the old universes. The history of the world is mankind traveling from the past to the future. It is mankind in a time travel. At the end of the journey (the end of time), everything in the history of the world is sucked into Christ (the Omega point).

All things are converged or compressed into the Cosmic Christ at the end of time.

Jesus said this about the Omega point (himself):
And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself. (John 12:32) "NIV" is the Omega point.

Jesus has been lifted from the earth to a star in the sky. The star is the website It is time for the website to pull and attract everyone on the internet to itself to form the noosphere.