Mount Zion

Mount Zion is the 54.

Mount (five letters) = 5
Zion (four letters) = 4

Mount Zion = 54

Mount Zion is the highest mountain of all, towering from the depth of the earth to the summit of the sky. It is the mountain formed when a ladder is placed between the earth and the sky, which means that one end of the ladder is the earth and the other end is the sky. In other words, the ladder itself is Mount Zion.

Earth and sky are like a child and his mother connected by an umblical cord. The sky is the mother, the earth is the child, and the umblical cord is the navel of the world known as Omphalos.

Mount Zion, God's holy mountain, is the navel of the world in which the sky is one end of the navel and the earth is the other end. Earth and the sky exchange nutrients and body fluids via the navel.

N = 14, A = 1, V = 22, E = 5, L = 12

NAVEL = N + A + V + E + L
             = 14 + 1 + 22 + 5 + 12
             = 54 (Mount Zion)

All people and all things in the universe are united by love to form God's holy mountain - Mount Zion.

L = 12, O = 15, V = 22, E = 5

LOVE = L + O + V + E
           = 12 + 15 + 22 + 5
           = 54 (Mount Zion)

The heavenly Jerusalem is about balance. It is about justice, equity and fairness.

We recognise that some people read or write from left to right and others from right to left.


  1. English words are written from left to right
  2. French words are written from left to right
  3. Arabic words are written from right to leftH
  4. Hebrew words are written from right to left

Writing or reading from left to right without considering right to left is a one-eyed perspective.

Left = 4
Right = 5

Left to right is 45. Right to left is 54. When 45 is the object, 54 is the image. When 54 is the object, 45 is the image. This means that the Axis Mundi (45) is Mount Zion (54).

The difference between 54 and 45 is 9.

54 - 45 = 9

9 stands for the nine small squares in Lo Shu square grid or the nine interlocking triangles in Shri Yantra or the nine concentric circles representing the nine worlds in Norse Cosmology.

Mount Zion is a cube connecting heaven and earth. When placed in front of a mirror, heaven and earth are an object and its mirror image.

Mount Zion is a tesseract in which heaven and earth are the two cubes.

In a tesseract, a vertex is an Odu and the sixteen vertices are the sixteen principal Odu.

One of the cubes is the object and the other the image. When the object is 45, the image is 54. When the object is 54, the image is 45.

Sum of the object and the image is equal to 99.

Mount Zion is 100%.

The earth, the sky and the ladder connecting them are equal to 100%.

From earth to sky, earth = 45%, sky = 54%.

Earth + Sky + Ladder = 100
45 + 54 + Ladder = 100
99 + Ladder = 100
Ladder = 100 - 99
              = 1%

Mount Zion is an object in front of a mirror. The object is 45%, the image is 54%, and the mirror is 1%.

Mount Zion is the cosmic tree, equal to 100%. The root of the tree is 45%, the crown is 54%, and the trunk connecting the root and the crown is the 1 %.

The 1% is the balanced information in