Ifa Cosmology

Ifa cosmology teaches that Olorun is the owner of heaven and Olodumare is the sustainer of the universe.

"Olo Odu" in Olodumare means "Owner of Odu." Odu is heaven, which means that "Olo Odu," like Olorun, means owner of heaven.

Mare is white light, and Osumare is the seven colours of the rainbow formed by the dispersion of white light.

Heaven (Odu) is white light, which means that Olodumare is the owner and source of white light.

Ifa cosmology is the scientific study of how the orderly universe originated from
Odu Ifa.

An Odu is a tesseract whose sixteen vertices are sixteen Odu. Since the tesseract is the holy city, Odu Ifa is the new Jerusalem. God is white light and the seven colours of the rainbow are the seven spirits of God.

In Ifa, white light is described as "White Cloth". The term cloth implies that the white light described in Ifa is a fabric like Namkha in Buddhism and Endless knot in Hinduism. The fabric is the net described as spacetime continuum.

There are two Adams:

  1. The First AdamT
  2. The Second Adam

Obatala whose name means "Chief of the White Cloth" was the first Adam chosen to shape the Earth after the cosmos. The task of constructing the cosmos was taken from Obatala and given to the second Adam after Obatala got drunk. Obatala produced a black cloth instead of a white cloth. The black cloth is chaos. Getting drunk means becoming a polarising figure and creating conflict and division.

The second Adam who successfully constructed the cosmos was Oduduwa.