Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube, a puzzle game invented by Erno Rubik, is a 3-D structure of the batin core of all religions and the center of the world.
The cube is the holy of holies, the holy city, and Paradise. It is love binding all religions together and and uniting everything in the universe.

Our differences are different directions of a qibla compass. And Rubik's cube is love at the center of the qibla compass.

Love is equal to 54.

L = 12, O = 15, V = 22, E = 5.

           = 12+15+22+5
           = 54

Rubik's Cube is 54.

Rubik's cube has six square facets and nine small squares on each square facet.

9 x 6 = 54

Rubik's cube is equal to Love since the cube is 54 and Love is 54.

Rubik's cube is God's Algorithm because it is the magic cube at the core of every religion, everything humans worship, and every direction humans considered to be the abode of God.

Lo Shu Square is a 2-D structure of a type of Rubik's cube known as Sudoku. Lo Shu square or the Nine Halls diagram and Rubik's Cube are related by the fraction 45/54, where 45 is Lo Shu Square, 54 is Rubik's Cube, and the dividing line is a mirror.

Since Love is 54, Love is the mirror image of 45 (Lo Shu Square) the axis mundi of numbers.

The difference between 54 and 45 is 9, the number of interlocking triangles in Shri Yantra.

Rubik's cube and its four variants, Pyraminx, Skewb Diamond, Megaminx and Dogic, are the five Platonic Solids representing the five classical elements: earth, water, air, fire and aether. Rubik's cube is a hexahedron (earth), Pyraminx is a tetrahedron (fire), Skewb Diamond is an octahedron (air), Megaminx is a dodecahedron (aether), and Dogic is an icosahedron (water).

The five Platonic Solids represent energy, vacuum and the three states of matter. Earth is solid, water is liquid, air is gas, fire is energy and aether (void) is vacuum. Everything in the universe is categorised into these five basics such that they are called the five classical elements.

The five elements described above are puzzles, which means that heaven or paradise is a puzzle and solving the puzzle is revealing the revealing the holy city.

The fruit of the tree of life is a puzzle game. The game is Love.