The Omphalos.

Omphalos is the name of an ancient Greek stone at Delphi believed to be the centre of the world. The omphalos is a Greek interpretation of the axis mundi.

The word "omphalos" means navel.

N = 14, A = 1, V = 22, E = 5, L = 12

              = 14+1+22+5+12
              = 54

The relationship between the Lo Shu square and the navel (omphalos) is represented by the fraction 45/54, where 45 is Lo Shu square, 54 navel (omphalos), and the dividing line the mirror between them.

As the centre of the world, the omphalos is where heaven and earth meet. The stone sculpture is hollow and has a knotted net carved on its surface because the net stands for the sky, the stone the earth and the hole the underworld.

In comparison with Dome of the rock, the hollow centre is the Well of Souls, the stone is the Foundation Stone, and the knotted net is the dome-shaped roof representing the sky.

Mediaeval Christians had in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre an omphalos which they believed is the spiritual and cosmological centre of the world.

The knotted net on the surface of the stone is the endless knot known as spacetime continuum. The earth wrapped in spacetime curvature like an egg in a bird's nest was described as the stone wrapped in swaddling clothes. The cloth is Namkha since the endless knot is the sky and Namkha means sky-weaving.

Omphalos is Rubik's Cube in which earth is a cube (a hexahedron) derived from Platonic Solids and the sky is a square grid. When numbered, the omphalos is Sudoku Cube or Sudokube.