Ifa Money Ritual Square

Ifa money ritual square.

Ifa money ritual square is a Babalawo (Ifa priest) device used for converting spiritual money to physical cash. It is a Yoruba magic square made of white hankerchief, coconut, salt, twenty one thousand Naira, and sand.

Note: this experiment was carried out by an acclaimed Babalawo from Ife Nigeria. It did not yield any physical cash.

There is no doubt that enormous wealth is stored up in the spiritual realm. The Babalawo thought he could use incantations and the power of magic to convert it to physical cash.

However, the experiment revealed the practical mechanism for converting spiritual wealth to physical wealth.

Money dwells in numbers. Physical money is in decimal numbers, and spiritual money is in binary numbers.

Money is transferred from the spiritual to the physical by converting from base 10 to base 2. And physical money is stored up in the spiritual realm by converting from base 2 to base 10.

Since base 2 is the Kingdom of Judah (2 tribes), base 10 the Kingdom of Israel (ten tribes), and converting to and fro base 2 and base 10 the United Monarchy, the Kingdom of Heaven is the world's money and how it circulates between the physical and the spiritual.

The spiritual world is a virtual world where money is stored as data.

The kingdom of heaven is a wealth of divine information stored in cyberspace. In cyberspace, the information is in binary numbers (base 2). The wealth is retrieved from the spiritual realm by converting divine information from cyberspace to physical cash.

The kingdom comes from cyberspace (the spiritual) to the physical when the wealth of information published online generates revenue for the author.

Bank Account Number is in decimals. Therefore, money transferred from divine information published online to a bank account is the kingdom coming from the spiritual (base 2) to the physical (base 10).

Base 2: data - information in cyberspace

Base 10: Bank Account (B/A)

Information + B/A = Base2 + Base10
                                  = Judah + Israel
                                  = United Monarchy

United Monarchy = the Kingdom of Heaven

Jesus spoke of a man who discovered a treasure in a field, sold all that he had, and used the money to buy and possess the field. The field is the kingdom of heaven and the treasure in the field is the wealth of divine information stored in the kingdom.

If you use the information discovered in the field to create  a website, the website is yours and the enormous revenue generated by the website goes into your bank account.

You reign as king in the kingdom of heaven by the influx of money from the internet to you. Money flows to you from all parts of the world because you are the axis mundi of money.

The website reflecting the kingdom of heaven is your money tree.

Ifa money ritual square is the palm tree of life whose fruit (the fruit of life) is the coconut. The life is made manifest by money flowing to you from the four winds.  The four winds are the four cardinal points, represented by the four corners of the white handkerchief.

Twenty one thousand Naira is placed on the handkerchief. Five thousand Naira is placed on each of the four corners and a thousand Naira is placed in the center.

Ifa money ritual square is Lo Shu square. The money placed in the four corners and the middle of the handkerchief are in the small squares: 2, 6, 8, 4 and 5.

When the other squares are omitted from the 3x3 magic square, the five squares are structurally Namkha.

A thousand Naira stands for a kernel, such that the 21,000 Naira is 21 kernels (Ikin seed).

Placing the 21,000 Naira on the handkerchief is planting the seed of the kingdom of heaven whose fruit is monthly wages. Annual influx of money from the website is twelve fruits.

The relationship between the seed and the fruit is the fraction 21/12; where 21 is the seed, 12 is the fruit, and / the mirror showing that the seed is the reflection of the fruit.

When you plant the seed represented by the 21,000 Naira, you reap the fruit - the enormous wealth of the kingdom of heaven.

The kingdom of heaven was a puzzle to solve the mystery of 50 billion Dollars worth of treasure hidden in a field. The field is the Lo Shu square. 5 in the center of the square is the money on the throne.

5 = $50,000 000 000