There is something that binds all humans and all things together. It is digital. It is geometrical. It is at the core of every religion and every object of divination. Religious people call it heaven or paradise; we call it the centre of the world.

Neo-platonism presents the centre of the world as the Monad, the single source and origin of everything that exist.

While neo-platonism posits that the center of the world is a singularity at the core of the universe, the Alawis believed that the same principle is the common Batin core shared by all religions. Although religions are different externally, there is a common undifferentiated and indivisible entity at the centre of every religion. He is "The One."

Although Judaism, Islam and Christianity are stages of transition from polytheism to The One, none of them is exclusively the one.

Judaism, Islam and Christianity are hexagon, pentagon and square respectively. The star of David is a glowing hexagon, the five pillars of Islam are the five wings of a five-pointed star which is a glowing pentagon, and the cross is a a four-pointed star representing a glowing square.

The five elements, fire, air, earth, water and aether, are five Platonic Solids derived from triangle, square, pentagon and hexagon. The five Platonic Solids are tetrahedron (fire), octahedron (air), hexahedron (earth), icosahedron (water) and dodecahedron (aether).

The hexagram is transformed to a pentagram to portray the transition from Judaism to Islam, the pentagram is transformed to a square to demonstrate the transition from Islam to Christianity, and the square is transformed to the triangle to portray the transition from the cross to the Trinity.

The Trinity is the divine triad at the core of Alawite belief. It is a triangular representation of the Kurdish Sun.

The triangle representing the divine triad has three vertices. Each vertex is 7, such that the three vertices are equal to 777.

In Pythagoreanism, the triangle is the Tetractys of the Decad. The term 'decad' stands for the ten points or dots on the triangle representing the ten sefirot.

Therefore, the divine triad at the core of all religions is a triangular structure of the ten sefirot.

In the cabalistic tree of life, the ten sefirot are a hexagon formed from two intersecting hexagons like a black hole formed from binary black hole merger.

Tao is a cyclic quadrilateral of a circumscribed square. When divided diagonally into two equal halves, the square is Yin and Yang. Since Yin is equal to 0, one half of the square is nothing. The other half is an isosceles right triangle. This means that Yang is an isosceles right triangle and "The One" at the core of all religions and the source of all reality.

Tao is, geometrically, the angle in a semicircle in which Yang is an isosceles right triangle.

The base angles of the triangle are the split side of a cowrie and the right angle is the smooth side. The split side of a cowrie implies closed eye or sleep. The smooth side stands for opened eye or awake.

Consequently, Yang is the smooth side of a cowrie shell representing global awakening. Humanity had been sleeping on the split side. It is time to rise to consciousness on the smooth side.

The split side was were men had visions of God in dreams and trance. The smooth side is where we see God face to face while we are conscious and awake.