Leningrad Codex Carpet Page Yantra

The  square and star symbol on the Leningrad Codex carpet page is a Jewish Shri Yantra, a flower symbolising reproduction. To reproduce is to give birth or to copy something.

Shri Yantra has nine interlocking triangles, forty three small triangles, and two concentric circles. The triangle Sarva Siddhiprada is the mirror, and the remaining forty two small triangles are the dice and its mirror image.

The outer circle has sixteen petals which are the sixteen circles surrounding the six-pointed star of the Leningrad Codex carpet page. The eight petals of the inner circle are the eight vertices QRSTUVWX of the octagram.

Hexagon ABCDEF stands for pollination and honeycomb. Triangle MOK and triangle NLP are male and female reproductive cells, and the square grid GHIJ is the zygote formed by the fusion of the male and female gametes.

The hexagon stands for honeycomb, because a honeycomb is a mass of hexagonal cells. Inside the single hexagon is an infinite network of hexagons called space-time continuum.

Shri Yantra is a flower crested on the front cover of Leningrad Codex. Its fruit is a honeycomb full of honey.

Recall that the holy city is a land flowing with honey. Traveling to the holy city is going on honeymoon.

The square grid GHIJ is a magic square symbolising the two dimensional structure of the holy city. The nine small squares in the square grid are the nine interlocking triangles of Shri Yantra.

In 4-D, the fruit is a tesseract comprised of two cubes ABCIJGH and DEFGHIJ. Each cube is a dice such that the two cubes are two dice.

A dot on the dice is is a small triangle in Shri Yantra. Since a dice has twenty one dots, the two dice are equal to forty two dots. The forty two dots are forty two small triangles in Shri Yantra.

The two dice are an object and its image, and the magic square is the mirror in front of the object. This means that only half of the forty two triangles is real. The other half is virtual (spiritual).

Therefore, the fruit of the flower (Yantra) is magic cube DEFGHIJ. Cube ABCIJGH is not real; it's the reflection of the magic cube.

The honeymoon destination and honeycomb is magic cube.