Alawite Theology

The Alawite belief that "all religions had the same Batin core" points directly to the unit "The One" which is the common source, origin and rallying point of all religions.
Alawite faith is described as syncretic because it includes neo-platonic, Gnostic, Christian and other doctrines even though they identify as Shi'ite Muslims.

Considering that the central or inner aspect of Alawite belief is the divine triad, the Batin core of all religions derivable from Alawite theology is the trinity.

Various religions have different perceptions of the divine triad. The Pythagoreans called it Tetractys and the Catholics described it as three persons in one God.

Taoist Trinity is called the Three Pure Ones, the Three Pure Pellucid Ones, the Three Purities, the Three Pristine Ones, the Three Divine Teachers, or the Three Clarities.

The Trinity is a Triad comprised of the Diad (the dual state) and the Monad. The Diad is the extremely polarised state prior the Monad.

The divine triad is an isosceles right triangle whose right angle is the Monad and base angles are the two extremes or poles of the Diad.

The triangle at the core of all religions is either the city of Babylon or the city of Zion. When numbered and calculated in decimal numbers, the triangle is the city of Babylon destined for destruction. When expressed in binary numbers the triangle is the city of Zion that has been under construction. Converting the triangle from base 10 to base 2 is the fall of Babylon and the rise of Zion.

No one can please God in decimal numbers. When expressed in decimal numbers, the triangle, the hexagram, the octagon, and every geometric shape describing the signs and symbols of divinity is 666 (the number of Nebuchadnezzar). The signs and symbols are equal to 777 when expressed in binary numbers.

The triangle 666 is the false batin dividing all religions and all people to form chaos. The world of religious conflict and strife, religious violence, destruction and hostilities is the city of Babylon built around king Nebuchadnezzar (the beast) whose number is 666.

Triangle 666 holds together a false spiritual world with all the signs and symbols of the city of Zion. This world is dangerously at the core of Christianity and every religion. It is a strong delusion put in place to lead astray and stop those who rejected Christ but afterward tried to enter into heaven through other means. It is a wide and open road leading to the knowledge of concepts such as sorcery, witchcraft and the occult.

The triangle 777 holds all religions together to form the cosmos.

The Alawite were originally the stars of the cosmos (the divine light) when they and people of other religions were held together by the Batin core 777 (the divine triad). They were once in heaven and will return to Paradise through the light of the new Jerusalem. They will be born again into the city of Zion where they were before the falling away.

The falling away is converting from base 2 to base 10. Base 2 stands for knowledge and base 10 stands for the Law. Converting from base 2 to base 10 is rejecting the knowledge of God and upholding the Law. It is laying more emphasis on obeying religious doctrines and rules while being ignorant of the knowledge of God.

Worshippers are automatically carried away from Jerusalem to Babylon when they worship more externally than internally. The religious extremism whose high point was the Syrian civil war was the product of the drift from Zion to Babylon.

Note that the batin core is non-syncretic. It is neither a religion nor a mixture of religious doctrines of different religions.