Kurdish Sun

Kurdish sun.

The Kurdish sun is the Roj, the 21 ray blazing golden sun disk on the flag of Kurdistan. The dazzling light of the Kurdish sun is the manifestation of Al-batin through the process of Ta'wil.

The 21 rays of the Kurdish sun are equal to the perfection 777. Number 21 is venerated in the Kurdish religion Yazdanism because it stands for the extremely bright light of the holy city.

Sum of the triple seven is equal to 21.
7 +7 + 7 = 21

Revealing the knowledge of the holy city via the process of Ta'wil is the  descent of the holy city from the sky to the earth and the appearing of Christ.

Christ was a light concealed in the inner world called Batin and humans dwelled in the outer world of Zahir. The coming of the descent of the holy city from heaven to earth is the coming of Christ from Batin (spiritual) to Zahir (the physical).

The rising of the Kurdish sun is the beginning of a harmonious new world.

The 21 rays are the six square facets of the cube (the holy of holies). The six facets are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

21 Rays = 1+2+3+4+5+6

The book of Revelation spoke of breaking the seven seals and blowing seven trumpets by seven Angels. The seven seals are seven mysteries in Yasdani theology. The seven seals are the seven colours of the rainbow described as seven angels, whose sum is equal to the white light.

Christ is a white light which when dispersed by a glass prism or any other medium forms seven angels in the forms of the seven colours of the rainbow. The white light stands for the universe and the seven colours represent the multiverse. The physical world is a multiverse and the spiritual world is a universe.

Diversity in the physical world is the product of unity in the spiritual world like the seven colours of the rainbow are products of white light. The various religions on earth are different colours of white light.

Christ is the absolute pantheistic force encompassing the whole universe, binding everything together to form the cosmos. Although we seem different externally, we are all the same internally. God is the sum of our differences.

Yazdanism has three denominations:

  1. Yazidism
  2. Yarsanism
  3. Ishik Alevism

Yarsani revealed that the universe is composed of two different but interrelated worlds called batini (internal or spiritual world) and zahiri (external or physical world). The internal world is a machine language or code governing the physical world. Humans on earth are like movie characters governed by a movie script called the scripture.

Christ is the law of harmony at the core of the spiritual world. The harmonious world is the center of the qibla compass. The Yazidis understood that the harmonious world is a pearl - the pearl of great price described in the parable of the pearl. The pearl is the Kingdom of Heaven.

The rising of the Kurdish sun is a renaissance. It is a global revival, a rebirth of humanity and being born again.

“Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again." (John 3:3) "NIV"