A careful examination of the hexadecimal structure of the holy city reveals that it is made up of eighteen triangles amounting to 666. There is 777 beyond the number 666.

While 666 is discriminatory, 777 grants permission and access to all people. This is demonstrated by the Unix's chmod, change-access-mode command in which 777 grants all user types permissions and access to a file storage system.

777 is inclusive and grants all people equal rights to God.

The hexagon is the area of intersection of the two equilateral triangles constituting the hexagram.

The holy city has nine hexagons corresponding to the nine worlds or realms in Norse cosmology. The wall of the holy city is an octahedron comprised of eight regular hexagons or  sixteen triangles; each hexagon is the area of intersection of two equilateral triangles.

Eight hexagons,  representing eight realms, are the eight planets. The ninth hexagon (the ninth realm or world) is the sun. The ninth hexagram is comprised of two equilateral triangles like each of the remaining eight hexagrams.

In base 16, the holy city is equal to eighteen triangles - the sum of the two triangles in the middle of the city and the sixteen triangles surrounding it.

In base 8, the city is equal to ten triangles - eight triangles surrounding the city and two triangles in the middle of the city. The eight triangles are the eight symbols, such that in base 8 the city is Bagua.

The eighteen triangles in the hexadecimal structure of the holy city when viewed externally are equal to 666, a seal placed on the holy city to stop irrational minds from entering into the city and possessing it.

There is something most humans didn't know about God. It is called reasoning. While God was revealing things to the Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other religious groups, he expected them to subject those things to rational scrutiny. God wants us to think.

If you don't ponder, you won't be able to break the code (666), open the door and enter into the holy city.

It requires bravery to confront 666, crack the code, and open the door of the city. Breaking the code is engaging in direct confrontation with the devil. It is fighting to be free from the law governing the chaotic world.

Chaos was a prison, and the forces that governed that world were wardens desperate at keeping the prisoners within the wall of the prison. We escaped from their powers and the door of the prison was closed on them the moment the code was broken.

Ironically, the cosmos and chaos are structurally the same thing: an octahedron comprised of eighteen triangles. The difference is that chaos is decimal numerical system and the cosmos is binary numerical system.

Converting the octahedron from decimal numerical system to binary numbers is escaping from the prison to absolute freedom and liberty. Escape is thinking beyond 666 and arriving at 777 on the flip  side of the octahedron. 777 is a number representing the state of perfection and victory over 666.

777 is equal to 21.
7+7+7 = 21

666 dwells in 2D (2-dimensional space). Escaping from 666 to 777 is moving from two-dimensional geometry of the new Jerusalem to three-dimensional structure of the holy city.

In 3D, each hexagram is a cube and the eight hexagrams are eight cubes. The six points of a hexagram (a six-pointed star) are the six square facets of a cube numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Sum of the six square facets is equal to 21.
1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21

21 (7+7+7) is equal to Ikin (the 21 palm kernels in Ifa cosmology). Advancing from 2D to 3D structure of the city is substituting Ikin seed (777) for Opele divination chain (666).

Opele divination chain was the chain of slavery, bondage and imprisonment the Muslims said will stop people from entering into the holy city. Replacing Opele with Ikin is breaking the chain of slavery and setting humans free from the power of darkness. It is escaping like a bird freed from a trap and ascending like a passenger on a Boeing 777 aircraft.

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:32) "NIV"

Ikin seed is a dice. And the holy city is God's Algorithm, in the form of Rubik's cube. This means that the universe is a reality game and entering into the holy city is winning a jackpot.