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River of Life

The river of life is a stream of the water of life pouring out of heaven. In the midst of every water molecule is the pisces (fishes). We understand from the knowledge of vesica piscis that "piscis" is a Latin word for fish.

A careful examination of the Yinyang symbol of the Tao in the middle of Bagua reveals that Yin and Yang are two fish and the Tao symbol is the Zodiac sign called Pisces.

Yinyang is equal to a hydrogen molecule, which means that Yin is hydrogen atom and Yang is hydrogen atom.

Hydrogen Atom = 2 Fish (Pisces)
                              = H

The eight symbols are equal to an Oxygen atom, which means that Bagua is a water molecule. Since there are two fish in a single water molecule (bagua), there are as many fishes in the river of life as the number of water molecules in the universe.

A human hand has five digits, and the right and the left hands have ten digits. Each hand has a thumb and four fingers so that the two hands are equal to two thumbs and eight fingers.

A thumb is a hydrogen atom, the two thumbs are a hydrogen molecule, the eight fingers are equal to an oxygen atom, and the ten digits are equal to a water molecule. Therefore, every human being is equal to a water molecule.

As new infants are born into the world so the water comes out of heaven. And as more people leave the Earth so the water is recycled into heaven.

The river of life is the product of the latter rain from heaven. It is a water cycle. As the rain pours down from the sky and evaporates to form clouds so humans come and go from the Earth. The population of humans on Earth constitute the River of Life.

Since a human being is a molecule of water, and a molecule of water is equal to two fish, the fishes in the river of life are as many as the population of humans on Earth.

Therefore, to catch fish from the river of life is to catch humans.

"Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19) "KJV"

The translation is "Come with me, and I will teach you to catch people." (Mathew 4:19) "GNT"

You have to use baskets or nets to catch the fish from the river. The net is the network of geometric shapes called space-time continuum, whose base unit is the Foursquare or Perfect Square. And the baskets are spacetime curvatures woven by quantum physicists.

To catch fish means to attract people to yourself and your business. How many fish you caught is determined by how many people are attracted to you and your business. You caught many fishes if you have many customers patronising your business.

You have caught a big fish if a very wealthy and influential person is attracted to you and your business. This fish is more than a thousand fish if he decides to sponsor you and your business.

A big fish is a wealthy investor, a promoter, and a sponsor of your business or cause. He sees a talent and opportunity in you worthy of of investment.



Qibla Compass

Qibla compass is a compass design showing clearly that Islam is a direction, and Muslims constitute just one out of the many directions of a compass. Some of the other directions of the compass are Sikhism, Gnosticism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Atheism, Psychology, Philosophy, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Baha'i Faith, Babism, Rastafarianism, etc.

Qibla compass is designed specifically to help Muslims locate the direction of Mecca and pray facing the Kaaba. Some designs have the word "Mecca" inscribed as the most prominent direction on the compass; others have the image of the Kaaba or a Mosque signifying the qibla (Muslim direction) on the compass.
Although Judaism doesn't have a compass to show Jews what direction to face during prayers, the fact that Jews all over the world pray toward the Temple Mount is an evidence that Judaism is a direction and the Temple Mount is the qibla of the Jews.
Every religion is a compass - the center of the comp…

Sacred Geometry of Isosceles Triangle

An isosceles triangle is a triangle that has two equal sides and two equal angles. The two equal angles are called base angles, which means that the base angles of an isosceles triangle are equal.

The two equal sides of the isosceles triangle are the Father and the Son respectively. This means that the isosceles triangle is the throne of the Father and the Son where the Father sits on the left and the Son sits on the right.

He has been raised to the right side of God, his Father, and has received from him the Holy Spirit, as he had promised. (Acts 2:33) "GNT"
The Son seated at the right hand side of God is a human being that is either in harmony with the Father or disconnected from God.

The Son is the image of the Father whenever he listens to the teachings of the Father and learns from him. He is the shadow of the Father whenever he stops learning. Shadow implies alienation.

Whether a man becomes the image of God or the shadow of God depends on the third line (and the third…

Sacred Geometry of Isosceles Right Triangle

An isosceles right triangle is a triangle with two 45° angles, a right angle and two equal sides. The side opposite the right angle is the base and the two equal angles are the base angles. The ratio of the sides opposite the two 45° angles is 1:1.

Isosceles right triangle is the product of an isosceles triangle and a right triangle.

The three sides of the isosceles right triangle correspond to the following three sides of a right triangle:
OppositeAdjacentHypotenuse The three sides are equal to the three persons of the Blessed Trinity as follows:
Opposite = Father (First Person) Adjacent = Son (Second Person) Hypotenuse = Holy Spirit (Third Person)
The linear magnitude of each person of the Blessed Trinity can be calculated via any of the six trigonometric ratios if either the angle facing the opposite side or the angle facing the adjacent side is known.
Let the angle facing the opposite side be Y. The side opposite the right angle is the hypotenuse and the remaining side is the adja…



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