Palm Trees of Life

The tree of life is a single tree, and the trees on either side of the river are palm trees like rafia palm, date palm, coconut palm and oil palm.

The river of life is divine knowledge.

In the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, divine knowledge flowed like a river to the temple in Jerusalem. Jesus was divine knowledge and the trees on either side of the river were people holding palm fronds.

They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, "Hosanna!" "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" "Blessed is the king of Israel!" (John 12:13) "NIV"
Note carefully that the people welcoming Christ into Jerusalem were holding palm branches in their hands.

The palm trees are the palms of human hands. A palm is a tree in which the four fingers are palm branches.

A finger is divided into three segments that are the regions of palm leaves.

A finger is a vertex of a cube, and the three segments in a finger are the three sides (length, breadth and height) united at the vertex of a cube.

A hand has five digits - a thumb and four fingers. The left and the right hands have two thumbs and eight fingers. The eight fingers are the eight vertices of the cube.

The cube is a dice.

The right and the left hands, when joined at the thumbs, constitute a dice whose eight vertices are the eight fingers.

Breath of life flows from the human hand because the eight fingers constitute an atom of Oxygen.

Here, the twenty four sub-atomic particles in Oxygen are the twenty four segments.

1 Finger = 3 Segments
                = 3 Subatomic Particles

4 Fingers = 4 (3 Segments)
                  = 12 Subatomic Particles

8 Fingers = 8 (3 Segments)
                  = 24 Subatomic Particles

Consequently, the palm branches are fingers and the palm trees are the palms.

There are 21 or 16 palm kernels called Ikin. Throwing 21 palm kernels on Opon Ifa divination tray is casting a lot by throwing a dice. And studying the outcome is palm reading.

Palmistry is therefore reading the book of life and studying the palm trees of life. It is studying divine knowledge indwelling the people holding palm branches, saying, "Hosanna!"