Cowries: Ofun

Ofun (5) is knowledge sharing. (|| | || |) is the sixth Odu on the list of the sixteen principal Odu in Ifa divination system. It has a double line in the first position, a single line in the second position, double line in the third position, and a single line in the fourth position.

The sixteen principal Odu are products of cowrie divination similar to I Ching. A double line and a single line in Ifa divination correspond to a broken line and an unbroken line in I Ching respectively.

A double line is Yin and a single line is Yang. Yin is 0 and Yang is 1, such that Ofun (|| | || |) is equal to 0101.

0 or double line is the split side of a cowrie shell, and 1 or single line is the smooth side of a cowrie, which means that Ofun has the split side of a cowrie in the first and third positions and the smooth side in the second and fourth positions.