Cowries: Iwori

Iwori (6) is resourcefulness. (|| | | ||) is the seventh Odu on the list of the sixteen principal Odu in Ifa divination system. Iwori has double lines in the beginning (first position) and the end (fourth position) and two single lines in the middle.

Since a double line represents the split side of a cowrie shell and a single line the smooth side, Iwori has the split side of the cowrie in the first and the fourth positions and the smooth side in the second and third positions.

Iwori is equal to 4 bits. The split side or double line is equal to 0 and the smooth side or single line is equal to 1, such that Iwori (|| | | ||) is equal to 0110.

A split side and a smooth side in cowrie divination correspond to a broken line and an unbroken line in I Ching respectively.