16 Cowries

The sixteen cowries represent enormous wealth and divine health stored in spacetime. They constitute the Yoruba term merindilogun or dilogun, reflecting the medicinal properties of the leaves (herbs) of the tree of life and the enormous wealth of precious stones in the divine cosmos (the holy city).

The holy city and the tree of life are two different names for the cosmos (heaven), and Metatron's Cube was the missing link between the city and the tree.

Merin and Ogun are Yoruba terms for four and twenty respectively. In Yoruba, merindillogun denotes 16 because it means twenty minus four.

Ogun = 20

Merin = 4

Merindillogun = 20 - 4
                         = 16

The claim that money doesn't grow on trees is invalid. Nations, kingdoms, businesses, institutions, organisations and religious groups are money trees.

The tree of life is a money tree whose leaves also heals poverty.

Merindillogun (16 Cowries) is a famous probabilistic computing system used by native doctors in traditional African religious system to unlock the fortune and health of thier clients.

Native doctors are called herbalists because they use herbs, representing the leaves of the tree of life, to heal their clients. Millions of Africans seek the services of herbalists (Babalawos)) for financial fortune or alternative medicine.

Cowries double as money and leaves.

A cowry or cowrie has two sides: a split side and a smooth side. The split side is broken (0) and the smooth side is unbroken (1). The split on the split side is the midrib of the leaf.

Spacetime continuum is overlapping circle grid. The point of intersection between two circles is the smooth side of a cowrie. When the overlapping circle grid is fused with the foursquare each line on the four sides of a square divides a cowrie so that the squares and the circles form a network of split sides of cowries.