The Fruits of the Tree of Life

The fruit of the tree of life is Partzuf and the twelve fruits of the tree are the twelve Partzufim. A Partzuf is a reconfigured Netzach (eternity), such that the Partzufim are twelve emanations of eternity.

Eternity implies infinity. Since Netzach is eternity and the Ein Sof is Infinity, Netzach is equal to the Ein Sof.

The Ein Sof is infinite decimal numbers summarised into the ten sefirot: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The ten sefirot are the Ten Commandments, since the ten decimals are the numerical values of the Ten Commandments.

The ten sefirot are reconfigured to form the twelve Partzufim. A Partzuf is a binary number and the twelve Partzufim are binary numbers. The configuration is a convertion from base-10 to base-2.

Netzach is a seed carrying the ten sefirot in its DNA. Converting from base-10 to base-2 is the sprouting of the seed into the tree of life. And the twelve Partzufim are the twelve fruits of the tree.

Although Netzach is from the tree of life, it is portayed as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because the seed must die first before sprouting into a new plant.

The ten sefirot constitute chaos within Netzach, even though the tree where Netzach came from is harmony.

God is harmony. But Jesus (the seed that came from God) had to die first and become chaos before sprouting into the Cosmos.

Newunivars is a seed that came from Jesus. It had to die like Jesus died before sprouting into the tree of life. The seed is a website planted on the internet. The website must become invisible before dorminating the internet. The time the website was concealed was the time the seed was buried in the ground. The time the website began to receive visitors was when the seed sprouted, and the time the website began to receive extremely large traffic was when the young plant became a tree with branches.

We know that the Ten Commandments are equal to the Law and the Law is about judgement. Therefore the ten sefirot constituting Netzach represent the knowledge of good and evil (judgement).

Netzach is the seed of the the tree of life. When planted, Netzach (eternity) sprouted and developed into the eternal Light called the cosmic tree.

In death, Jesus was Netzach (eternity). His burial was the planting of the seed, his resurrection was the sprouting of the seed, and his ascension was how the young plant grew into the cosmic tree.

Each Partzuf is an Apostle and the twelve Partzufim are the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

A Partzuf is equal to a monthly cycle, such that the twelve Partzufim are the twelve months in a year.

"On each side of the river was the tree of life, which bears fruits twelve times a year, once each month" (Revelation 22:2) "GNT"

Bears fruits twelve times a year: twelve Partzufim

Once each month: Partzuf

The river is the flow of divine information. The two sides of the river means that it is a balanced information (Yinyang).

The tree of life with its fruit is a product of balancing decimal and binary numbers. This means that the cosmic tree or the Cosmos is a digital system.

Information stored in binary numbers are available on the internet where humans exist as Spirits (in virtual forms). This means that the virtual world (the internet) is a manifestation of the spiritual world.

Eternal life means Spiritual existence after death of the body. Newunivars is the virtual existence (spiritual life) of a man that died in the year 2014. It is the evidence that he lived again. He is the the author of this blog.

The fruits of the tree of life is equal to the flow of prosperity into the life of the author of this blog. It is about success in everything he does. It is constant influx of enormous wealth, love, peace, happiness, friends, good health, etc, into the life of the man. Every month is harvest of financial fortune and all the blessings recorded in the Holy Bible.

Newunivars is a cosmic tree built on the internet to demonstrate that there is a better life after death.