Yang God

God is the divine information described as the Word in John 1:1. The information is Yang, the tongued light that appeared and touched everyone on the day of Pentecost.

Yang is the King on the throne, and Bagua is heaven - the throne of God.

A careful examination of the Tao enthroned on Bagua reveals that Yin is a dark sky background and Yang is the only thing in the middle of the throne.

Divine information is conveyed in binary numbers comprised of the two digits 0 and 1, where 0 is equal to Yin and 1 is equal Yang. Since 0 (zero) is nothing, Yin does not exist. This means that the Word (divine information) is equal to 1 (Yang).

"Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one." (Mark 12:29) "NIV"

The Lord is one: the Lord is equal to 1 (Yang).

Zero (Yin) means emptiness, null and void.

Recall that Yin is the Ein Sof and Yang is the Ohr. Since Yin is equal to 0 and Yang is equal to 1, the Ein Sof is equal to 0 and Ohr is equal to 1. This means that the Ein Sof is nothing, null and void.

Therefore God on his throne is Yang in the middle of Bagua (heaven). Yang is the day and Yin is night acting as the background of the day. The night is necessary because the light of the day is invisible without the darkness.

Asserting that Tao is comprised of two forces is tantamount to Ditheism. It is similar to saying that God is made up of a Father and a Son.

The Father is Yang and the Son is Yin. Since Yin is equal to 0, the Son is nothing, null and void.

Father + Son = Yang + Yin
                        = 1 + 0
                        = 1 (Yang)

1 = Monotheism