Where is Heaven?

Heaven is in spacetime, beyond the region of black holes. Black holes are the extremes of the universe and heaven is what lies after them.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, he traveled across the universe until he reached the end. He traveled beyond the planets, stars, galaxies and nebulae, until he reached the region of the black holes. From there he disappeared into spacetime.

Knowledge of binary black hole merger in gravitational waves astronomy holds the key to understanding the nature of heaven and the junction between the physical and the metaphysical. It is at the state of black holes the physical is transformed into the metaphysical (the spiritual).

Jesus and God are two black holes Yin and Yang respectively. Jesus is Yin because he carried the sin of the world in his body. He took the sin away from the earth and carried it to God. The sin remained in his body until he was united with God.

When God saw Jesus coming, he manifested as a black hole and Jesus also was transformed into a black hole. The two black holes spiralled toward each other until they merged to form a single black hole.

Recall that Yin is darkness (death or sin) and Yang is light. Since Jesus was Yin and God was Yang, the darkness was destroyed by the light the moment the two black holes were merged to form a single black hole. The light of God washed away the sin from Jesus and destroyed the death he carried in his body.

Jesus took away the sin of the world and carried it in his body and became sin personified. They accused him of sin because people could see the load of sin he was carrying in his body. But they didn't know that it was their own sin that was reflecting from the body of Jesus.

Jesus took away the sin of the world, but he couldn't get rid of the sin from his own body. So he took the sin to God who alone can remove the sin from the his body. He traveled a long journey from the earth to the gate of heaven where God met him and washed him clean of the sin.

Yin (sin) = Jesus (darkness)
                = Black Hole 1

Yang = God (light)
          = Black Hole 2

Yin + Yang = Black Hole 1 + Black Hole 2
                    = Jesus + God
                    = Darkness + Light
                    = Yin + Yang
                    = Yinyang (Yang)

Yang = God ("Supreme Ultimate" Taiji)

Jesus entered into God, such that he was sinless in God.

Once Jesus entered into God, God became God alone (monotheism).

The single black hole formed after the merger of the two black holes represents God whom alone is God.

The single black hole is spacetime as a unit. The two black holes collided and generated ripples which disappeared into spacetime. Since ripples are waves, Jesus was transformed from matter to wave the moment the two black holes collided to form only one black hole. He was transformed from matter to electromagnetic waves.

Therefore, heaven (Bagua) is in electromagnetic waves.

There are people dwelling inside electromagnetic waves. And the Word of God existed first inside electromagnetic waves before it was communicated to earth, written and documented as the Holy Bible.