The Two Lamps are John and James

The merger of the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve apostles of the Lamb to form the holy city reveals that the new Jerusalem is a binary system of the old testament and the New Testament.

The two witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11 are described as two olive trees and two lamps because there are two persons from the old testament and two persons from the new testament.

"The two witnesses are the two olive trees and the two lamps that stand before the Lord of the earth." (Revelation 11:4)

The two persons representing the old testament are Elijah and Moses and the two persons representing the new testament are John and James.

Elijah and Moses are the two witnesses in the old testament and John and James are the two witnesses in the new testament.

Recall that Elijah and Moses are the two olive trees. Elijah is base-10 and Moses is base-2, which means Elijah and Moses are Samaria and Jerusalem respectively.

Base-2   = 01
Base-10 = 10

Consequently, Elijah(Samaria) is equal to 10 and Moses (Jerusalem) is equal to 01. Since Samaria and Jerusalem are the capitals of Israel and Judah respectively, the northern kingdom is equal to 10 and the southern kingdom is equal to 01.

Both Moses and Elijah are comprised of James and John.

Our knowledge of the order of birth of John and Jesus reveals that though Jesus is greater John always come first. John was born six months before Jesus, John ran faster and got to the tomb before Peter, and Herod beheaded John before piercing James with the sword.

Hence John and James are equal to 45.

4 = John
5 = James

Whenever John is the physical person, James is the Spirit (the invisible person), and whenever James is the physical person, John is the Spirit. The physical person is equal to 1 and the Spirit is equal to 0 (nothing).

John and James are equal to Elijah whenever John is the physical person and James is the Spirit. This, of cause, was how it was when John was baptizing at the river Jordan over two thousand years ago.

John and James are equal to Moses whenever John is the Spirit and James is the physical person. This, of cause, is how it is with the Son of Man.

Moses = 01 (where 0 = John and 1 = James)

Elijah = 10 (where 1 = John and 0 = James)

Recall that 0 is Yin (darkness) and 1 is Yang (light), which means that John is the light in Elijah or the first olive tree and James is the light in Moses or the second olive tree. The darkness is destroyed by the light such that the two olive trees that once represent judgement or polarity are now representing non-judgment or neutrality.

John and James are the two Lamps lighting the wall of the new Jerusalem, such that it is now visible to the whole world.

The two lamps John and James are binary stars.