Seven Stars in Star of David

The seven stars described in Revelation 1:16 are the seven facets of the glowing star of David. In John's vision of Christ, Jesus was depicted as holding the star of David in his right hand, "He held seven stars in his right hand, and a sharp two-edged sword came out of his mouth" (Revelation 1:16)

We know from chapter one of the book of John that the Torah is the Word that existed before the birth of Christ. When the Word became a human being, the Torah became Jesus.

Note that the star of David is the hexagram central to the flag of Israel.

Consequently, Revelation 1:16 is a description of the Torah and the hexagram. The hexagram is placed on the right side of the Torah.

The term two-edged sword implies the binary nature of the new Jerusalem. The sword is the Word, and the two edges of the sword are the two sides of the Word. The Word is equal to 45 and the two sides are 4 (Gospel) and 5 (Torah).

Recall that the holy city is a tesseract. Since the apostles are the foundations and the tribes are the gates of the city, the internal cube of the tesseract is equal to 4 and the external cube is equal to 5.

The star of David with a glowing hexagon in the middle is a tesseract whose external cube's six square facets are the six points of a six-pointed star and whose internal cube is the seventh facet.

Each square facet represents a star, such that the seven square facets are called seven stars. The internal cube is the seventh star and the six square facets of the external cube are six stars surrounding the seventh star. This means that the hexagon in the middle of the star of David is the seventh star and the six points of the six-pointed star are the seven stars surrounding the hexagon.

The seventh star is a glowing stone and the six stars are the six wings of its light.

Since the external cube is the Holy of Holies and the internal cube is the stone placed inside the Holy of Holies, the Holy of Holies is a light shining out of the stone placed in Zion.

The star of David is the external cube (the Holy of Holies) and the light of the stone placed in Zion.

The human body is the Holy of Holies, and Jesus is the stone placed inside the human body. The Torah is the Law, and the Law dwells in you if you understand the meaning of the information documented as the Torah. In other words, Jesus is neither the paper nor the ink, but divine information.

Information is called a Spirit because it is intangible. We who act according to the information contained in the Gospel and the Torah are created by divine information (the Spirit). This means that the human body is the light shining forth from the Spirit within. The six square facets of the human body are head, feet, front, back, left and right.