The Ein Sof

The mystic state whereby divine knowledge is concealed by the Law and God is wholy isolated or separated from humans is called the unknowable Ein Sof. In Chinese Cosmology, the Ein Sof is called Wuji.

God's throne is a digital system comprised of decimal numbers and binary numbers. Binary numbers are repeating units of the two numbers 0 and 1. And decimal numbers are repeating units of the ten numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

0 and 1 are the two tribes constituting base-2 (the kingdom of Judah), and the ten decimals are the ten tribes of the kingdom of Israel (base-10).

Divine information stored in binary numbers is the Ohr (knowledge of God). While the ten commandments stored in decimal numbers is the Ein Sof (lack of knowledge of God). This means that God is manifested via information stored in binary numbers and concealed in decimal numbers.

Since God's people were the people of Judah and Israel, the throne of God is made up of binary numbers and decimal numbers. The throne is an octagon made up of decimal and binary numbers.

Since the Temple of God is in the kingdom of Judah, the light (divine knowledge) is the kingdom of Judah, and the Kingdom of Israel is the darkness.

Darkness = Yin (Israel)
Light = Yang (Judah)

United, Yang (Judah) is dorminant and Israel is recessive. Divided, Yin (Israel) is dorminant and Judah is recessive. This means that united, the binary numbers are active and the decimal numbers are dormant. And divided, the the decimal numbers are active and the binary numbers are dormant.

Since the decimal numbers are the ten commandments, the Law is active and divine knowledge is dormant in the divided Israelites Kingdom.

Therefore, the Ein Sof is the throne where the Law is visible and divine knowledge is invisible. Here, the true identity of God is concealed and humans worship the Law than worship God. They know the Law and devote themselves to obeying the Law, but they neither know God nor devote themselves to learning about him.

The Ein Sof is the supreme polarity where the Law stands between God and man. It is Judgement standing before the throne of God.

Most people think that the Ein Sof is God, even though the Ein Sof is the supreme polarity known as 'Yin Yang'. Yin is evil, Yang is good, and the Ein Sof is the conflict between good and evil. Humans occupy the Ein Sof, accusing one another; while they do so, they are destracted from learning about the true identity of God.

Yin is the curse and Yang is the blessing. At the state of the Ein Sof, the curse is activated and the blessing is deactivated. No matter how much God's people tried to please God, they never pleased him because the curse was dorminant and the blessing was ineffective under the Ein Sof.

The direction of the people of God after the division of the United Monarchy was towards the Ein Sof. It was towards division and destruction invoked by the curse. The prophecies of the Prophet Jeremiah were full of doom and gloom because God's people were heading toward destruction. Their future as a divided people was bleak.

God wasn't the god of the Ein Sof. Rather, the king of Babylon (the most powerful nation on earth) was the god of the Ein Sof. That was why the Prophet Jeremiah kept telling God's people to surrender and worship Nebuchadnezzar. He knew they were facing the direction of a divided and chaotic world ruled by the lord of chaos.

The Prophet Isaiah called Nebuchadnezzar the enemy from the north because he was the product of the illicit Temple built by the northern kingdom of Israel.

The Ein Sof is an exact replica of the throne of God. It is an octagon. But it is made up of only decimal numbers. The binary numbers are invisible because divine knowledge is not in the Ein Sof.