Gematria and Numerology of the Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is a numerological book written in alphanumeric codes. The words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and the names of the books of the Holy Bible are assigned numerical values, such that the divine information contained in the book is a binary system of letters and numbers.

Every book in the Holy Bible has its numerical equivalence equal to its position in the list of books in the the Bible.

a. Genesis, the first book in the Holy Bible, is numerically equal to 1.

b. Revelation, the last book in the Holy Bible, is numerically equal to 66.

Genesis is a word made up of the five letters g, e, n, s and i. And Revelation is a word made up of the following  nine letters or alphabets: r, e, v, l, a, t, i, o and n.

Therefore, the first and the last books of the Holy Bible are alphanumerical.

Alphanumeric = Alphabets and Numbers

Alpha = Alphabet
Numeric = Numbers

The 66 books of the Holy Bible with their corresponding numerical values are as follows:
1.  Genesis
2.  Exodus
3.  Leviticus
4.  Numbers
5.  Deuteronomy
6. Joshua
7.  Judges
8.  Ruth
9.  1 Samuel
10. 2 Samuel
11. 1 Kings
12. 2 Kings
13. 1 Chronicles
14. 2 Chronicles
15. Ezra
16. Nehemiah
17. Esther
18. Job
19. Psalms
20. Proverbs
21. Ecclesiastes
22. Song of Songs
23. Isaiah
24. Jeremiah
25. Lamentations
26. Ezekiel
27. Daniel
28. Hosea
29. Joel
30. Amos
31. Obadiah
32. Jonah
33. Micah
34. Nahum
35. Habakkuk
36. Zephaniah
37. Haggai
38. Zechariah
39. Malachi
40. Matthew
41. Mark
42. Luke
43. John
44. Acts
45. Romans
46. 1 Corinthians
47. 2 Corinthians
48. Galatians
49. Ephesians
50. Philippians
51. Colossians
52. 1 Thessalonians
53. 2 Thessalonians
54. 1 Timothy
55. 2 Timothy
56. Titus
57. Philemon
58. Hebrews
59. James
60. 1 Peter
61. 2 Peter
62. 1 John
63. 2 John
64. 3 John
65. Jude
66. Revelation

Note from the list above that words and names are given numerical values. The word proverbs is assigned 20 and the word Revelation is assigned 66. The name Haggai is assigned 37 and the name Nahum is assigned 34.

Two or more words constituting phrases, sentences and paragraphs are assigned numerical values and called verses. And groups of verses are assigned numerical values and called chapters.

Consider the following quotes from the book of Isaiah:
1. "Do you not know? Were you not told long ago? Have you not heard how the world began?" (Isaiah 40:21)

2. "It was made by the one who sits on his throne above the earth and beyond the sky; the people below look as tiny as ants. He stretched out the sky like a curtain, like a tent in which to live." (Isaiah 40:22)

3. "To whom can the Holy God be compared? Is there anyone else like him?" (Isaiah 40:25)

4. "Look up at the sky! Who created the stars you see? The one who leads them out like an army, he knows how many there are and calls each one by name! His power is so great - not one of them is ever missing!" (Isaiah 40:26)

5. "But those who trust in the LORD for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak." (Isaiah 40:31)

The five quotes listed above are assigned the following alphanumerical values: Isaiah 40:21, Isaiah 40:22, Isaiah 40:25, Isaiah 40:26 and Isaiah 40:31. Since Isaiah is numerically equal to 23, Isaiah 40:21 is numerically equal to 23.40:21, Isaiah 40:22 is numerically equal to 23.40:22, Isaiah 40:25 is numerically equal to 23.40:25, Isaiah 40:26 is numerically equal to 23.40:26 and Isaiah 40:31 is numerically equal to 23.40:31.

Therefore, the alphabets or letters constituting the words in Isaiah 40:21 are equal to the numbers in 23.40:21, which means that the divine information contained in the Holy Bible is alphanumeric. 23.40:21 is a code for the information contained in Isaiah 40:21.