Coding the Holy Bible

Coding the Holy Bible is writing the words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs of the Holy Bible in decimal and binary codes in order to return the Word of God back to spacetime where it came from.

The Word itself is the manifestation of God and his throne. It is heaven and God in the midst of heaven.

Recall that heaven is Bagua and the King on the throne is the Tao in the middle of the Bagua. Tao is divine information called the Holy Spirit and Bagua is the octet conveying the information.

Since an octet is equal to 8 bits or 1 byte of information, the divine information contained in the Holy Bible can be converted from words to an octet through coding.

We know from our knowledge of Gematria and Numerology of the Holy Bible that we can convert the 66 books of the Holy Bible, their chapters and verse from words to decimal and binary numbers.

Decimal numbers are in base-10 and binary numbers are in base-2. Base-10 is the northern kingdom of Israel and base-2 is the southern kingdom of Judah. Therefore converting the divine information contained in the Holy Bible to decimal and binary numbers is taking Judah and Israel from the earth into heaven (Bagua).

Since the kingdoms of Judah and Israel are made up of God's people, coding the information is raising God's people (the Israelites) from the dead and lifting them up from the grave into heaven. It is the resurrection and ascension of God's people.

By coding, the information contained in the Holy Bible is locked in numbers. Since the Word (divine information) is God, the numbers constitute the throne or Temple of God and the divine information inside the numbers is God in his Temple.

Spacetime is made up of networks of geometric patterns and shapes. It could be an orderly network of circles, squares, hexagons, octagon, etc., or orderly networks of different geometric shapes and patterns.

Divine information written in letters are locked in numbers (coded) and the numbers are connected in an orderly pattern to form geometric shapes. Then the geometric shapes are organised into a network called spacetime.