Sun Shines by Night and Moon by Day

The Tao, made up of a white dot in a dark cloud and a dark dot in a white cloud, clearly portrays the sun shining in the night and the moon shining in the day. The dark cloud represents night, the white cloud represents day, the white dot represents the sun and the dark dot represents the moon.

The sun shining in the day and the moon at night constitute polarity, conflict, Judgement and chaos. While the sun shining in the night  and the moon in the day constitute neutrality, peace, non-judgment and balance.

The moon doesn't have It's own light; moonlight is the reflection of sunlight. This means that the sun gives light to the night true moonlight.

Does this means that the moon is useless in the absence of sunlight? The answer is no! The moon has its own unique function even in the absence of sunlight.

We must recognise that the moon doesn't disappear from the sky in the day. It is only invisible in the day because its light is overwhelmed by day light.

In the day, the moon acts as a compass giving direction to the day. In the night, the moon acts as a light giving vision to the darkness. Moonlight is of cause a reflection of sunlight, which means that the sun shines in the night.

Consequently, moonlight shining at night is a white spot in a dark cloud and moonlight concealed in the day is a dark spot in a white cloud.

Although Yin and Yang could mean Atheism and Theism, the relationship between Muslims and Christians is the best example of Yin and Yang. Islam is a compass represented by the moon and Christianity is a light represented by the sun.