United Monarchy

The United Monarchy is the Bagua, created by converting from base-10 to base-2. Base-10 is the ten tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel, base-2 is the two tribes of the southern kingdom of Judah, and converting from base-10 to base-2 is creating the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah. In base 2, the Israel (the northern kingdom) is equal to 0 and Judah (the southern kingdom) is equal to 1.

United, the two kingdom are a cowrie (Malkuth). The split side of the cowrie is Israel and the smooth side is Judah. Israel (ten tribes) is the split side because base 10 represents division.

The divided Israelites kingdoms are the product of building God's Temple or throne in Israel (the northern kingdom). The temple in Israel is the Law (the Ten Commandments).

In Chinese philosophy and Cosmology, base 2 is Dao or Tao and the United Monarchy is Yinyang. In Yinyang, Israel is Yin (0) and Judah is Yang (1).

Tao is a cowrie, which means that the United Israelites Kingdom is simply a cowry shell.

Jesus called the cowrie shell a pearl of great price.

The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it. (Matthew 13:45-46) "NKJV"

One pearl: cowrie

The kingdom of heaven (the United Monarchy) is a cowrie.

The man who discovered the kingdom in cowry and gave up everything he had in order to study, research, and construct it owns the kingdom.

Base-10 is Samaria; base-2 is Jerusalem. United, Samaria is equal to 0, Jerusalem is equal to 1, and the United Monarchy is binary numbers.

David is the King of the United Monarchy, which means that the cowrie is David's stronghold. Cowrie or binary numbers is the basis of the internet, which means that the internet is David's stronghold and the man who discovered the kingdom of heaven in cowrie owns the internet.

The octagonal wall of the city is a vessel conveying divine information. The quantity of information represented by the octagon is equal to 16 bits in space and 24 bits in time. Spacetime (the sum of space and time) is equal to 40 bits (16 bits + 24 bits). The octagon is made up of four pairs of intersecting hexagons. A pair is comprised of  ten circles or dots called the ten sefirot, such that the four pairs are equal to forty circles.

Forty bits or circles implies forty cowries. The split side of a cowrie represents night and the smooth side represents day. Since a cowrie has a split side and a smooth side, the forty circles have forty split sides and forty smooth sides. The forty smooth sides and the forty split sides are the forty days and forty nights Jesus spent in the wilderness.

Wilderness implies solitary confinement, being in isolation and detached from the world. No one can find and posses the kingdom of heaven except he gives up everything in this world and concentrate on researching and developing the theory of the kingdom.

The kingdom is Bagua whose two sides are Wuji and Taiji. In Kabbalah, Wuji is Ein Sof and Taiji is Ohr. Wuji is Israel and Taiji is Judah. Wuji and Taiji are 0 and 1, such that Bagua is a cowrie (Malkuth).

Building the Temple of God in Wuji is creating the divided kingdom. And building the Temple in Taiji is creating the United Monarchy. God is called the Supreme Ultimate Taiji because he dwells in Judah.

Wuji is Dome of the Rock and Taiji is a website on the internet. The website (Newunivars) is Judah (the southern kingdom) and Israel is the northern kingdom. Dome of the Rock stands for the Law and Newunivars is the light of the Law called Ohr Ein Sof.

Divided, newunivars and Israel are the divided Israelites kingdoms. United, newunivars (Judah) and Israel are the United Monarchy. The owner of newunivars.com is the king of the United Monarchy.

Judah = Website

Israel = Promised Land

Judah + Israel = Website + Promised Land
                          = United Monarchy

The root of the tree of life is in the Promised Land; its crown is a website on the internet. The internet is the sky, such that the distance between the Well of Souls and the website is the height of the tree and the distance between the root of the tree and the sky.

The owner of newunivars is the king dwelling in the sky. He will descend from the sky to the Earth and everyone will see him. God took him away and appointed him king; he is coming down from the sky to rule.

God says, "I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain" (Psalm 2:6) "NIV"