Lily is a feminine name derived from the lily flower, whose meaning is purity, love and ressurection (rebirth). Geometrically, the lily flower is a star hexagon formed by two intersecting triangles. The three sides of one of the triangles are the length, breadth and height of three dimensional space and the three sides of the other triangle are the hour, minute and second of time, such that the star hexagon (lily flower) is Spacetime.

Lily = Spacetime

The term purity is derived from the fact that most species of lily flower are native to the temperate northern hemisphere. White snow, characteristic of the northern hemisphere, symbolises purity or righteousness.

This means that the northern celestial hemisphere can be depicted by lily flowers in white snow. Since the celestial sphere is a compass, the northern celestial hemisphere  is depicted by a star hexagon in the middle of a compass.

Example: the geometric shape on the front cover of the Liningrad Codex is a compass with a star hexagon depicting heaven (Bagua).

Lily flower has six Tepals, which are the six points of the star hexagon. The Tepals could confer on the flower a funnel shape, trumpet shape or a star shape, depending on how much they are reflexed inward or spread out.

The funnel shape of the flower represents sleep or unconsciousness or lack of understanding. The star-shaped flower represents awake or consciousness or understanding. And the intermediary trumpet shape means awakening or the sound of a trumpet.

This means that the star hexagon is the ressurection after the awakening or the sound of the trumpet. Since the time of awakening is dawn or early in the morning, the star-shaped flower is the bright morning star.

Morning is a new beginning and Jesus is the brilliance of the new dawn.

Jesus says,

"I am the bright morning star." (Revelation 22:16)

Lily flower plant has a Chromosome number of 12 (n=12) corresponding to the 12 units of a clock. Consequently, lily embodies time, since a clock is an instrument used for measuring time.

The 12 units of the clock are the twelve tribes of Israel, such that the clock is the United Monarchy. Each tribe of Israel is equal to a month, such that a year is equal to a clock and every year is equal to the twelve tribes of Israel.

The six Tepals are equal to six months (six hours) and each triangle in the star hexagon is equal to three months or three hours on the clock. A side of the hexagon or an angle in each triangle is equal to a month or an hour on the clock.

Lily flowers have different colours like red, white, pink, yellow, orange and purple. The wide range of colours of the flower signifies the beauty (brilliance) of unity in diversity portrayed by the star hexagon.

Jesus described this exceptional beauty as follows:

"Consider the Lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you, even Solomon in his glory was not arrayed like one of these" (Luke 12:27) "NKJV".

An octet is formed by the intersection of eight regular hexagons of the tree of life. The regular hexagons, when substituted by their corresponding circumcircles, form groups of intersecting circles or rings called the flowers of life. Each circumcircle is a glory, such that the intersecting  circumscribed hexagons are an array of lilies in glory.