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Decimal and Binary Numbers Merger

A single binary system is formed when the ten digits of the numerical system are merged with the two bits of the binary number system. The ten digits are the ten tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel and the two bits are the two tribes of the southern kingdom of Judah, such that the product of the merger is the United Monarchy.

10 Digits = 10 Tribes (Samaria)
2 Bits = 2 Tribes (Jerusalem)

10 Digit + 2 Bits = 10 Tribes + 2 Tribes
                             = 12 Tribes
                             = United Monarchy

Recall that the decimal number system (base-10) is Yin and the binary number system (base-2) is Yang. Divided, Yin and Yang are equal to Yin. United, Yin and Yang are equal to Yang. This means that, divided, the sum of base-10 and base-2 is equal to 12, and united, the sum of base-10 and base-2 is equal to 11. This means that 12 is the product of the division ('Yin Yang') and 11 is the product of the union (Yinyang).

'Yin Yang' (division) = 12
Yinyang (union) = 11

Ahijah demonstrated that the 11 tribes are the products of the 12 tribes by tearing his cloak into twelve pieces and giving ten pieces to Jeroboam and a tribe to Rehoboam.

'Ahijah took hold of the new cloak he was wearing and tore it into twelve pieces. Then he said to Jeroboam, "Take ten pieces for yourself, for this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: 'See, I am going to tear the kingdom out of Solomon's hand and give you ten tribes."' (1 Kings 11:31) "NIV"

"But for the sake of my servant David and the city of of Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, he will have one tribe" (1 Kings 11:32) "NIV".

10 Tribes + 1 Tribe = 11 Tribes

From 12 tribes to 11 tribes is from Yinyang (unity) to 'Yin Yang' (division) and from 11 tribes to 12 tribes is from 'Yin Yang' (division) to Yinyang (unity). Therefore there is an equilibrium or a balance between the twelve tribes and the eleven tribes.

12 ( United Monarchy) = 11 (Israel and Judah)

12 and 11 are two objects with a common Barycenter or centre of mass, since they are at equilibrium.

12 = 10 Digits + 2 Bits (0 and 1)
      = 10 Digits + 0 + 1
      = 11
The twelve tribes are the sum of ten tribes and two tribes. The ten tribes are equal to 10 (ten digits) and the two tribes are equal to 2 (two bits). United, Yang is dominant; divided, Yin is dorminant. Since 12 is the United Monarchy, 12 is equal to Yang. This means that the United Monarchy is coded in binary numbers.

In the binary system, the two bits are equal to "0" (zero) and "1" (one) and the ten digits are equal to 10 as shown above. Therefore the sum of the twelve tribes is,

10 + 01 = 11

11 = 1 (Malkuth) + 10 (Ten Sefirot)
      = the Tree of Life

This means that the tree of life is 11. When 10 (Samaria) is the root, 01 (Jerusalem) is the shoot; when 01 (Jerusalem) is the root, 10 (Samaria) is the crown. The tree is equal to 11 to reflect the balance (1 to 1) between Jerusalem and Samaria.

Consequently, the United Monarchy, made up of the 12 tribes of Israel (a binary system equal to 1), is equal to the tree of life; the product of the merger of binary numerical system and decimal numerical system.



Qibla Compass

Qibla compass is a compass design showing clearly that Islam is a direction, and Muslims constitute just one out of the many directions of a compass. Some of the other directions of the compass are Sikhism, Gnosticism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Atheism, Psychology, Philosophy, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Baha'i Faith, Babism, Rastafarianism, etc.

Qibla compass is designed specifically to help Muslims locate the direction of Mecca and pray facing the Kaaba. Some designs have the word "Mecca" inscribed as the most prominent direction on the compass; others have the image of the Kaaba or a Mosque signifying the qibla (Muslim direction) on the compass.
Although Judaism doesn't have a compass to show Jews what direction to face during prayers, the fact that Jews all over the world pray toward the Temple Mount is an evidence that Judaism is a direction and the Temple Mount is the qibla of the Jews.
Every religion is a compass - the centre of the comp…


The Monad (1) is an encycled dot or point O, representing the Alpha and Omega,  constructed using a compass and a pencil. The center of the circle is the origin or source of all things and the circumference of the circle is the end or crown of everything, such that the Monad is the first and the last; the beginning and the end.

Creation of the Cosmos is construction of geometric shapes. The most important part of the process of creation is the construction of the first day and the last day. The two days were constructed simultaneously.

God constructed the first day when he said "let there be light!" (Genesis 1:3) "NIV"

The light that appeared on the first day of creation of the Cosmos is the halo - a ring of light.

The last day is the seventh day when God rested from his work of creation of the harmonious world. "By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work." (Genesis 2:2) 'NIV"…


Creation is, geometrically, construction using mathematical instruments such as protractor, compass, pencil, ruler, etc.

Heaven, the immaterial world, is visible on earth through geometric shapes and patterns, and could be revealed by the study of geometry and trigonometry.

Signs and symbols of worship in various religions are either simple geometric shapes, combinations of two or more geometric shapes or modified geometric structures.

Examples: the cross in Christianity is a net of cube, the kaabK in Islam is a cuboid, Mandala in Hinduism is a circle, and the Hexagram in Judaism is a product of two equilateral triangles.

God is a geometer, which means that he is a teacher and humans are his students. He (God) has been trying to teach humans the orderly geometric patterns defining the exact and accurate nature of heaven.

Question: why would God want humans to study the structure of heaven?

Answer: God wants the same law governing heaven to govern the earth.

The law of heaven is harmo…



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