Jerusalem in Base Two

Jerusalem was base-2 (a binary numerical system made up of the two digits: "0" and "1") during the era of the United Monarchy. United, the 12 tribes of Israel are a binary system represented by binary numbers. Divided, they are a decimal system represented by the ten digits.

The twelve tribes of Israel were divided into two groups of ten and two tribes respectively during the reign of Rehoboam son of Solomon and grandson of David. The ten tribes are the ten digits of the decimal system and the two tribes are the two digits of the binary numerical system.

Mathematically, the ten tribes are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 and the two tribes are 0 and 1.

The ten digits are the ten sefirot God gave to Samaria (the northern kingdom). God allowed Jerusalem to retain two sefirot.

God said,
"For the sake of my servant David and the city of Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, he will have one tribe" (1 Kings 11:32) "NIV"

He: Solomon

The prophet Ahijah tore his cloak into twelve pieces and gave ten pieces representing ten tribes to Jeroboam.

12 Tribes - 10 Tribes = 2 Tribes

Rather than say the remaining two tribes belong to Solomon for the sake of David and Jerusalem, God said Solomon will have one tribe.

The sum of Jeroboam's ten tribes and Solomon's one tribe is equal to eleven tribes.

10 Tribes + 1 Tribe = 11 Tribes

God deliberately called the remaining two tribes a tribe because he knew that the sum of the remaining two tribes is equal to one.

The remaining two tribes are the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin. In base-2, Benjamin is assigned "0" and Judah is assigned "1". In base-10, "0" and "1" are two other tribes out of the ten tribes of the kingdom of Israel.

Judah + Benjamin = 1 + 0
                                  = 1

God chose to dwell in Jerusalem to demonstrate his oneness. And that oneness can be found only in the two digits of the binary number system.

Therefore, Jerusalem, the sum of zero (Benjamin) and one (Judah), is base-2. Samaria, on the other hand, is base-10.

Base-10 is equal to the following ten sefirot (ten digits): Keter (0), Chokmah (1), Binah (2), Da'at (3), Chesed (4), Gevurah (5), Tiferet (6), Netzach (7), Hod (8) and Yesod (9).

Base-2 is equal to Malkuth (10).

Judah is 1 in Malkuth and Benjamin is 0 in Malkuth. Therefore Judah and Benjamin are 1 and 0 and Malkuth is ten (10).

Malkuth is Judah (Jerusalem), hence it is not numbered among the ten sefirot (Samaria).