God the geometer using a compass to
Cosmos (the orderly universe)

Creation is, geometrically, construction using mathematical instruments such as protractor, compass, pencil, ruler, etc.

Heaven, the immaterial world, is visible on earth through geometric shapes and patterns, and could be revealed by the study of geometry and trigonometry.

Signs and symbols of worship in various religions are either simple geometric shapes, combinations of two or more geometric shapes or modified geometric structures.

Examples: the cross in Christianity is a net of cube, the kaabK in Islam is a cuboid, Mandala in Hinduism is a circle, and the Hexagram in Judaism is a product of two equilateral triangles.

God is a geometer, which means that he is a teacher and humans are his students. He (God) has been trying to teach humans the orderly geometric patterns defining the exact and accurate nature of heaven.

Question: why would God want humans to study the structure of heaven?

Answer: God wants the same law governing heaven to govern the earth.

The law of heaven is harmony or balance. Conflict and disagreement by religious groups on earth are evidences that the earth is very far from heaven.

Worship in the wilderness wasn't primarily about rules and regulations, but the measurement and the knowledge of geometry he taught Moses. That was why he asked Moses to pay attention to endure that the geometric patterns on earth are like the ones revealed from heaven. This means that the sacred things God showed Moses were shapes and measurements in sacred geometry.

Rules and regulations constitute the law. The law, miracles, signs and wonders are destractions from the knowledge of geometry that can bring stability and balance to the human society.

In spite of the enormous knowledge of sacred geometry in Islam and Judaism, Muslims and  Jews are devoted to obeying and executing the Law.

Similarly, inspite of the knowledge of sacred geometry in Christianity Christians are devoted to miracles, signs and wonders.

Costruction is building. Humans have the ability to build either a harmonious world or a chaotic world. In Revelation 21, Jesus used the knowledge of sacred geometry to construct the harmonious world called Heaven or Paradise.

Paradise is called the Holy City or the new Jerusalem. Although Jesus finished the work 2000 years ago, humans were unable to enter because they lack understanding. Not because humansare not intelligent; but that every man coming into the world was taught to follow the path that does not lead to salvation.

The heaven we seek is in Revelation 21 and some other parts of the Holy Bible. It is pure knowledge of geometry in many subjects and many religions.