Taoist symbol

Dao or Tao means the right and proper pathway, route and road of life. Dao is the flow of life force, attaining the state of perfection and living in harmony with the universe. The term 'universe' implies the world. Being at peace with all humans, plants, animals and things is following the pathway of the Tao.

Going green (promoting and practicing recycling), switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy and practicing conservation are examples of how to follow the route of the Dao.

Dao means attaining the state of balance via enlightenment. The term 'enlightenment' implies education.

Dao or Tao is balanced information that comes through education. The information enables people to live in harmony with fellow humans, plants, animals and all things.

We understand through the knowledge of Tao that all things are different perspectives of the same thing. There is no difference between two people, two nations, earth and sky, the past and the future, male and female, black and white, etc.

What the Chinese call broken and unbroken the Africans call double and single. The famous broken and unbroken lines in Chinese Yi Jing or I Ching symbols are double and single lines in Yoruba Ifa, African religions and Afro-American religions. This means that Africans and Chinese are essentially the same people.

Cowrie shells used in African religions is the right and proper pathway, road and route of life. Yin (broken) is the split side of a cowrie and Yang (unbroken) is the smooth side of the cowrie, such that the Tao or Dao symbol is a cowrie.

White cowrie corresponds to the Indian white Conch Shell's beautiful sound of a trumpet awakening humans to love one another and collaborate for the welfare of all people and the good of humanity.

Though a Chinese symbol is 3 bits and an Odu is 4 bits, they are essentially the same binary numbers.

Dao (Tao) is the key into the cosmos because it unites all things into one world and one universe.

In Chinese, the two sides of the same thing are called Yin and Yang. Dao is therefore a balance between Yin and Yang.

In computing, Yin and Yang are 0 and 1, such that the whole universe is a machine code comprised of binary numbers. Everything in the universe is either 0 (Yin) or 1 (Yang), which means that the universe is simply 0 and 1 represented by the Yin and Yang symbol.

Yin and Yang are darkness and light respectively. In the Chinese symbol of the Tao, Yin and Yang are equal to Yang, since the sum of darkness and light is light. Consequently, Dao or Tao is Yang.

Therefore, the famous Dao symbol is Yang. The part that seemed to be an opposing Yin is in reality a dark background.

The universe is therefore a light called Tao or Dao. The light is the cosmos, and living in the way of the Tao is living in the cosmos. It is living in peace and harmony.

In religions, the cosmos is called Paradise or heaven. Tao or Dao is the heaven the world has been waiting for.

We are one because the sum of 0 and 1 is 1. Though we are different people and different things, we are 1. We are a team; we are one world. Tao is the true meaning of a one world order.