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Space-time (also axis mundi) is the hexagon inside the hexagram where the three hands of time meet with three dimensional space.

In physics,spacetime is any mathematical model that fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensionalcontinuum. 
The hexagram ABCDEF above is the sum of two triangles: ABC and DEF. The three sides of the triangle ABC are the three hands of time, and the triangle DEF is three dimensional space.

The three hands of time are:

HourMinuteSecond The three manifestations of three dimensional space are: LengthBreadthHeight In triangle ABC, Hour = AB, Minute = BC, Second = CA. In triangle DEF, Length = DE, Breadth = EF, Height = FD.
Time is the circle of the sky, and the clock is the physical manifestation of time. Since the clock is made up of hour, minute, and second, triangle ABC is Time (the clock).
The three hands of time are manifestations of the three persons of the Blessed Trinity.
Hour (AB) = Father Minute (BC) = S…

Axis Mundi

The axis mundi is the center of the world, the point connecting earth and sky or an established line of communication between heaven and earth. It is a ladder reaching from the earth to the sky and a bridge between space and time.

A line of communication was established between Jacob and God. Jacob was the earth, God was the sky (heaven), and the line of communication between them was the axis mundi.

He dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. (Genesis 28:12) "NKJV"He: Jacob

Ladder: Axis Mundi

A ladder was set up on the earth: the axis mundi is a ladder connecting heaven (the sky) and the earth

Angels: messengers

Angels of God: messengers of God

God had direct communication with Jacob immediately the axis mundi was set up,
The Lord stood above it and said: “I am the Lord God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac; the land on which you lie I will give to you and your…

Orh Ein Sof

Ohr Ein Sof is the "Infinite" light representing the brightness or brilliance of the wisdom hidden inside the Ein Sof (the Wuji). Ohr Ein Sof is the manifestation of the light that was latent in the Ein Sof. It is the product of nothing, and the new life (or new existence) that is the light of non-existence.

Ein Sof or the Wuji is the glory (without light), and Ohr Ein Sof is the light of the glory which brings us to the sudden realization of our inner consciousness of God and the true nature of the universe.
We suddenly realize that we are the holy city described in Revelation 21. The Paradise we seek is hidden inside us, and we must look inward or search our hearts to discover it.

Jesus says the Paradise we seek is inside us,
For indeed,the kingdom of God iswithin you.” (Luke 17:21) "NKJV"The kingdom of God:Paradise or Heaven

We don't need sunlight or moonlight to show us what is inside us. Rather, we need to meditate or ponder deeply in order to unveil what …


Wuji is called Non-polar or "without ridgepole" because it is the vacuum created by disactivating the opposing effect of yin. In Chinese,  Wuji means boundless and infinite. A very important English translation of wuji is limitless.
Wuji is described as "ultimate of nothingness" because it is an empty space that has no limit or boundary. 
Taiji is the "Supreme Ultimate" and Wuji is the "Ultimateless," which means Wuji is inferior to Taiji.
In the past, Wuji was the contrast of Taiji. Today, Wuji is nothing, null and void. Irrational superstitious, mystical and diabolical elements occupied Wuji and desperately and forcefully opposed Taiji.
Taiji is reasoning and Wuji was superstition and mysticism. Wuji and Taiji were animal sacrifice (the beast) and a fire placed on an altar.  The altar was Bagua. 
Bagua was polarised into two opposing extremes Yin and Yang while the beast was still on the altar. During this period the beast dominated and gover…

Yin Yang

Yin and Yang are either complementing or opposing to each other. They are complementing when they are united to form the one word Yinyang, and opposing when they are separated to form the two words Yin Yang. Yin is ‘Yin Yang’ because Yin dominant when the two words are separate. While Yang is Yinyang because Yang is dominant when the two words are united. Yin is the Old Testament and Yang is the New Testament. The Old Testament dominates and Yin rules when the two testaments are separated into two books, and the New Testament dominates and Yang rules when the two testaments are united to form one book. The one book is the Holy Bible. Yin is man and Yang is God. Man rules and chaos reigns when man is separated from God. God rules and harmony reigns when man is reconciled to God. The Holy of Holies is called God because it is about reconciliation. The two black holes in a binary black hole are Yin Yang, where the first black hole is Yin and the second black hole is Yang. The Holy of Ho…


Tàijí is the absolute invisible infinite singularity beyond the penultimate binary or dual state of yin and yang. It is a Chinese philosophical and cosmological term for the utmost point and the farthest distance conceivable, achievable and attained, comparable to one sitting alone on a throne mounted on the peak of the highest mountain and the summit of the universe.
Taiji could also mean reaching the end of a very long journey, completing a very difficult task, arriving at the finish line, and setting an unbreakable record.

Wuji and Taiji were two extremes or poles yin and yang respectively. Yin and yang were like north pole and south pole or negative and positive or cathode and anode. Taiji is called "Supreme Polarity" and "Supreme Pole" because it neutralised and annulled the negative and opposing effect of Wuji. It is called "Supreme Ultimate" because it is the only extreme left after cancelling the opposing effect of Wuji.

There is in reality no singl…


Bagua or Pakua is a Chinese qibla compass whose eight directions (North,  East, West, South, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest) are the eight symbols: Kun (☷), Gen (☶), Kan (☵), Xun (☴), Zhen (☳), Li (☲), Dui (☱) and Qian (☰). Each symbol is a trigram comprised of three lines, in which a line is either broken (Yin) or unbroken (Yang).

A trigram is equal to 3 binary digits (3 bits). The eight symbols are the following binary numbers: 000 (Kun), 001 (Gen), 010 (Kan), 011 (Xun), 100 (Zhen), 101 (Li), 110 (Dui) and 111 (Qian).

A trigram is either an equilateral triangle or an isosceles right triangle. The thirty two pairs I Ching trigrams are in reality sixty four equilateral triangles or 64 isosceles right triangles.

I Ching is hexagram is spacetime formed by the intersection of two equilateral triangles. The four symbols are equal to four hexagrams called Sixiang.

A pair of isosceles right triangles is equal to a square. The eight symbols are equal a foursquare called bagua…


Dao or Tao means the right and proper pathway, route and road of life. Dao is the flow of life force, attaining the state of perfection and living in harmony with the universe. The term 'universe' implies the world. Being at peace with all humans, plants, animals and things is following the pathway of the Tao.

Going green (promoting and practicing recycling), switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy and practicing conservation are examples of how to follow the route of the Dao.

Dao means attaining the state of balance via enlightenment. The term 'enlightenment' implies education.

Dao or Tao is balanced information that comes through education. The information enables people to live in harmony with fellow humans, plants, animals and all things.

We understand through the knowledge of Tao that all things are different perspectives of the same thing. There is no difference between two people, two nations, earth and sky, the past and the future, male and female, bla…

Tao Holy Spirit

The two sides of the Tao (Yin and Yang) are two tongues depicting balance between two languages or translation of information from one language to another in order to create peace and harmony through understanding. It is a binary system of 0 (Yin) and 1 (Yang) conveying harmonious information and acting as a bridge between two otherwise conflicting persons or groups.

Tao is the famous eternal Word described in John 1:1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1) “KJV” The Word is divine Information or joly wisdom, and Tao is the physical manifestation of the Word.

We know that information is intangible. Therefore the Tao is described as spiritual – the opposite of the physical. It is the invisible entity the Christianity called the Holy Spirit. The Word described in John 1:1 is the Holy Spirit (the Tao). Acts of the Apostles described the revelation of the Tao as the coming of the Holy Spirit. It was a sound wave transmitted by wind. An…



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