The Sanctified Body

Cubic representation of the sanctified body.

The sanctified body is a body promoted from the state of man to the state of God's rest. God's Spirit enters into the body and the man is transformed from the state of 6 (Sixth Day of Creation) to the state of 7 (the Day of God's rest).

A day is added to the sixth day, and the man of the sixth day is promoted from the sixth day to the seventh day. The extra day is one unit; each person of the Blessed Trinity is a unit, and the three persons are three units.

Blessed Trinity = 3 (3 Units)
                          = 3 Persons

The three persons are:

  1. Father 
  2. Son 
  3. Holy Spirit
Judaism is the abode of the Father, Christianity is the abode of the Son, and Islam is the abode of the Holy Spirit. Jews, Christians and Muslims are sanctified as follows:

Jews = 6
Father = 1
Jews + Father = 6 + 1 
                       = 7

Christians = 6
Son = 1
Christians + Son = 6 + 1
                            = 7
Muslims = 6
Holy Spirit = 1
Muslims + Holy Spirit = 6 + 1
                                     = 7

By virtue of the sanctification; Jews, Christians, and Muslims are transformed from 666 to 777.

777 = Perfection

The unsanctified body is the first Adam - the man of sin or the earthly man. The sanctified body is the heavenly man.

The transition from 6 to 7 is the ascension into heaven.