The Cubic Clock

The Holy of Holies (the Holy City or the New Jerusalem) is a cubic clock whereby the 12 edges of the cube are the twelve units of the clock and the cube's center of gravity is the hand of the clock. A cube is made up of twelve edges, and the thirteenth edge is the center of gravity.

The thirteenth edge is the Blessed Trinity, and the twelve edges are the twelve tribes of Israel. The Blessed Trinity is made up of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This means that the center of gravity of the cube is the Blessed Trinity.

The cube is made the following three dimensions: the length, the breadth and the height. The length is Judaism, the breadth is Christianity, and the height is Islam.

The cubic clock is the light cone where the length is the hypersurface of the present, the breadth is the future light cone, and the height is the past light cone. Since the light cone is the Hour Glass, the cubic clock is an Hour Glass.

The number representing the cubic clock is 13, and the thirteenth edge of the clock is the Blessed Trinity. The three persons of the Blessed Trinity are the following three hands of the clock: the Hour Hand, the Minute Hand and the Second Hand.

Hour Hand = Father
Minute Hand = Son
Second Hand = Holy Spirit

The cubic clock is a year where the 12 months constituting a period of one year are the 12 edges of the cube. And the Blessed Trinity are the Earth (Judaism), the Sun (Christianity), and the Moon (Islam).