Sanctification of the Body

Cubic representation of the human body showing how
 the body is sanctified by the Blessed Trinity.

Sanctification of the body is purification or getting the body rid of sin by the entry of the Blessed Trinity into the body. This means that sanctification is about grace and not about work.

The body without the Blessed Trinity is death (666). The Blessed Trinity is life, and its entry into the body is God's breath of life. The man whom God created on the sixth day had no life in him: he ate, talked, communicated, invented many things; but he was dead. The man of the sixth day was a walking corpse described as a Zombie.

A zombie is an ordinary flesh who eats, reproduces, talks, walks, works; but dead. Adam was a Zombie (a dead man) and a walking corpse until the Spirit of God entered him.

Greed, violence, chaos, and wickedness are some of the characteristics of a lifeless man. Violence and destruction in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria and other parts of the world, are perpetuated by dead men from the grave.

They have no soul they who resort to war or threat of war, pile up weapons, engage in arms trade, and build up armies. They are men from the grave who make life unbearable for the living.

The living is not a Christian who prays, attend Church services or profess Christianity; the Living is a Christian who understands that Muslims and Jews are fellow citizens of the kingdom of God. Christians that are hostile to Muslims and are supportive of wars against Muslims societies are numbered among the dead (the Zombies) fighting in the battle fields of the Middle East. Those hostile to Muslims and are intolerant to Islam are not alive. They are dead.

To die is to lack conscience. A dead man has no soul.

Intolerance, violence, hostility, wickedness, resort to war and threat of war are characteristics of sin (666).

Sin (666) = the Flesh
                = the Body

Sanctification of the body is ridding the flesh off sin by the Blessed Trinity. The body is a cube whose three dimensions are 6, 6, and 6. The Blessed Trinity is a cube whose dimensions are 1, 1, and 1. The insertion of the smaller cube into the bigger cube is the purification of the body.

The purified body can also be represented by a a single cube whose dimensions are 7 by 7 by 7.

God returns into the sinful body and the individual is changed into a peaceful, harmonious and rational being. That is how God forgives sin.