Cubic Structure of the Solar System

The Solar System is the Kaaba (a cube) whereby the eight planets are the eight vertices of the cube and the sun the mid-point of the cubic structure. The eight planets in the Solar System are numbered 1 to 8 in the diagram above, while the sun is numbered 9.

By virtue of the sanctification of the Kaaba, we now know that apart from the eight joints of the cube (the Kaaba), there is a ninth joint where the eight joints are united. The ninth joint is sunlight (the Blessed Trinity).

Like the sun gives light to the eight planets so the Kaaba is made holy or purified by the Blessed Trinity.

The state of the Solar System in the absence of sunlight is darkness (666) because the is 6, the breadth is 6 and the height is 6.

666 = Darkness (Sin)

666 means that the Kaaba is an ordinary cubic structure devoid of God. At the state of 666, the Kaaba is a casket clothed by the Kiswah. This means that it is a casket full of dead bodies.

Solar System - Sunlight = 9 Planets (Casket)
                                       = 666

9 Planets + Sunlight = Cube + Blessed Trinity
                                  = 777