Christ seated on the two Dimensional Structure of the Holy of Holies

There are only two lines: Islam and Christianity. The four squares A, B, C and D are the products of the intersection of the two lines, and the Cross is the point of intersection.

The first first line is the vertical line NS and the second line is the horizontal line WE. NS in the cubic structure of the Holy of Holies is the glory of the Father or the Solar Halo. WE is the Lunar Halo.

This means that the Cross is the product of the intersection of the glory of the Church and the glory of the Mosque. The Cross is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Since the four points NEWS are the four wings of the four-pointed star, the Cross is planet Mars (the forth planet).

This explains why Mars opposition of July 27, 2018 was labelled Christ. The sun was the Church, the moon was the Mosque, and planet Mars was the point of intersection of the sun (the Church) and the moon (the Mosque). Mars was the Cross between the moon (Islam) and the sun (Christianity) on July 27, 2018.

Since the square facet facing down is the image of the square facet facing up, the horizontal line WE is the image of the vertical line NS. NS is the object (ie. NS is Jesus of Nazareth). Jesus of Nazareth is the only person sitting on the throne.

The vertical line NS has two points N and S, which means that NS is a 2-pointed star. Venus is the second planet of the Solar System; therefore Venus is the two-pointed star. WE is the image of Venus, and the Cross (Mars) is the product of intersection of Venus NS with her image WE.

Venus is the Church. The Catholics calls Venus Mother Mary, and her image the Son Jesus. This means that the Venus with her image is the Queen Mother and her infant born king Jesus.