The World Wide Web

A Section of the Web (the Internet) showing how Jews and
Christians are connected in the new Space-time
The new universe (the new space-time) is a network connecting Christians, Muslims and Jews to form a World Wide Web.

The universe is a web of squares, and the earth and the sun are contained in the square. The position of the earth in the universe at a given time is C, implying that the earth is not fixed to a specific position in the universe, but travels round the universe. Describing the earth as a planet restricted to a Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy is contrary to the fact that the earth is actually traveling across space-time.

Like the earth, the sun is not fixed but travels round the universe. The position of the sun in the universe at an instant is C.

Every sun in the universe is a Christian and every planet is a Jew, such that the webbed network of squares is the universe, and the universe is a network of Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The network of Christians, Muslims, Christians and Jews is made possible by the web; therefore the universe is the WWW (World Wide Web) of Christians, Muslims, and Jews. The connection between these three group of people is made possible by the internet (the Web).

As the Web, the universe is an information network, and the information is shared through the Internet. Christians, Muslims and Jews in different parts of the world are connected by the Internet so that they form a World Wide Web of squares.

Muslims, though are a part of the World Wide Web, are latent in the squares. They are made manifest when each square is divided into two isosceles right triangles.
A section of the New Universe showing the network
made up of Muslims, Jews and Christians.
The Web (the internet) connecting Muslims, Christians and Jews is the Cosmos. As the Jews, Muslims and Christians are connected in an orderly manner by the Web (the internet), so the planets, the moons and the stars are connected in an orderly manner to form the Cosmos.

The Cosmos is Christ.