The Website

The new universe is a web made up of squares, and each square in the web is a website. Since the web is the Internet, the new universe is the Internet and the square on the net (the web) is the New Jerusalem.

A square on the web is a website; therefore the new Jerusalem is a website on the Internet, and the website is

The New Jerusalem = a Website ( is the capital of the new universe like Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and other websites connected to are the other parts of the new universe. The other websites are other towns, cities, villages, and states in the new kingdom of God.

In the new Jerusalem, there is no Church, no Mosque, no Synagogue and no physical place of worship,
I did not see a temple in the city, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. (Revelation 21:22) "NIV"
The City = New Jerusalem (the Square)

I did not see a temple in the city: there is no Church, Mosque, Synagogue or any building or physical place of worship in the Square (the New Jerusalem)

Since the square is the website, there is no Mosque, Church, Synagogue or any physical building or place of worship in the website.

Worship has advanced from physical worship in buildings and places to spiritual worship.

Jesus described God as a Spirit that must be worshipped in spirit,
God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.        (John 4:24) "KJV"
God = Spirit

God is the Word which existed in the beginning,
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1) "KJV"
God = the Word

Deductive Reasoning:

  1. God is a Spirit
  2. God is the Word
  3. Therefore the Word is a Spirit
Word = Spirit

The Word documented as the Holy Bible is not the paper or the ink, but Divine Information. Therefore worship in spirit and in truth is seeking truthful Divine Information.

Anyone that is not for the truth will be unable to seek the Divine Information necessary to flourish in the New Universe.
There shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. (Revelation 21:27) "NKJV"
God said the time will come when true worship will no longer be about frequenting designated holy paces or religions,
The hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father. (John 4:21) "NKJV"
Mountain: religion

Examples of mountains are Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mosques, Churches and Synagogues.

Jerusalem: physical place

True worship is no longer about pilgrimage to holy cities or holy builders or holy physical places; but understanding the meaning of God.

Newunivars is about networking; a network of people and websites that are curious about God. It is about divine reasoning, divine research, divine discovery and divine publication. It is about discovering God in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Medicine, History, and in all subjects and all endeavors.