The Compass

The eight planets of the Solar System are eight directions in the Kuiper's belt, such that the planets and the Kuiper's belt form a compass inside the Covenant Box.

The compass is the Word pointing from the centre O to the North. The Word is the LORD; therefore a vertical line ON is the first dimension of the Word, and the dimension Judaism pointing to the direction of Jerusalem.

N (North) = Jerusalem

Line OE is the image of line ON, and E (East) is the direction of the Orthodox Church in Constantinople. God the Father relocated from Jerusalem to Constantinople; Jerusalem is the northern direction of God the Father and Constantinople is the eastern direction of God the Father. The relocation of God the Father from Jerusalem to Constantinople is the relocation of the LORD from the Temple Mount to Constantinople and a transition from the Pentateuch to the Pentarchy.

Pentateuch (Torah) = Judaism
Pentarchy (Five Partriarchates) = Orthodox Church

Both the Pentateuch and the Pentarchy are denoted by 5 (five-pointed star) or Jupiter.

E (East) = Constantinople

Like God the Father relocated from Jerusalem to Constantinople so God the Son relocated from Jerusalem to the Vatican City; Paul's journey was the journey of relocation of God the Son from Jerusalem to the Vatican City. The Vatican City is the western direction of God.

W (West) = Vatican City

God the Son is the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; therefore the relocation of God the Son from Jerusalem to the Vatican City is the relocation of the Gospel to the Catholic Church. The four Gospels are the four-pointed star, and the four-pointed star is the cross.

God the Son relocated from Jerusalem to Mecca first before ascending from Jerusalem to the Vatican City. The journey to and fro Mecca was hidden in the Mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul went to Mecca first before embarking on the journey to Rome. Mecca is the southern direction of God.

S (South) = Mecca

North-East is the abode of the Father, South-West is the abode of the Son, South-East is the abode of the Father and the Son, and North-West is the abode of the Father and the Son. This means that South-West is the image of North-East.

North, East, West, South are equal to the Cross. And ne, sw, se, and sw are equal to the transverse cross. The transverse cross is the cross rotated at 45°. The sum of the Cross and the transverse Cross is equal to the Compass.

Recall that there are six directions:

  1. The four directions
  2. Up
  3. Down
Up is Christ, located above the hypersurface of the present; it is the future light cone. This implies that Up is the direction of God seated above the four directions. God sits above the four corners of the New Universe. Up is the sun during a lunar eclipse or the golden Saturn's hexagon.

Down is the grave, located below the hypersurface of the present. It is the past light cone or Saturn's Eye. Down is the moon buried in the darkness during a lunar eclipse. It is the darkness under God's feet.

He bowed the heavens also, and came down; and darkness was under his feet. (2 Samuel 22:10) "KJV"
Came down: He descended to the dept

The past light cone or the wind blowing in Saturn's Southern Hemisphere or the direction of the moon during a lunar eclipse is described as a dark cloud.

He parted the heavens and came down; dark clouds were under his feet. (Psalm 18:9) "NIV"
Down is the abode of the Devil and his angels. God's is standing on their heads. All those insisting on the chaotic old universe that has just been destroyed are held down in the darkness of the past. God's people in the New Jerusalem above are standing on the heads of those that are still living in the past.

Thus this promise is fulfilled:
The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. (Romans 16:20) "NIV"

God's people have advanced to Paradise (the New Jerusalem) above, and Satan is cast down to the old universe below the new universe. He cannot ascend to the new Jerusalem because God has placed his feet on his head.