Parable of the Pearl

In April 30, 2018, Jupiter appeared close to the full moon to demonstrate increase in the light of Islam from the star and crescent symbol to the star and full moon symbol. Full moon is the fully ripe fruit of the tree of life, and the beautiful pearl of great price described in the parable of the pearl.
Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it. (Matthew 13:45-46) "NIV"
Fine Pearl = Full Moon

The full moon is the precious stone in the kingdom of heaven described as follows:
Jerusalem, the Holy City, coming down out of heaven from God and shining with the glory of God. The city shone like a precious stone, like a jasper, clear as crystal. (Revelation 21:10-11) "GNT"
Jerusalem (the Holy city): the Kingdom of Heaven
The glory of God: the halo
Shining with the glory of God: shining with the halo

Precious Stone = Jasper

The full moon glows such that it resembles a precious stone or a pearl. The full moon is central to understanding the mystery of the new Jerusalem; and the man who discovered the importance of the moon in the kingdom of heaven is the merchant.

Jesus of Nazareth carried a Lamb on his shoulder. The Lamb is Otejiri. Otejiri in Urhobo means Praiseworthy; therefore the Lamb Jesus carried on his shoulder was Praiseworthy.

Only Praiseworthy could reveal the mystery of God hidden in the Holy Bible:
Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? (Revelation 5:2) "KJV"
Worthy = Praiseworthy
The Book = Holy Bible

Who is worthy: who is Praiseworthy?

Praiseworthy is abbreviated as Worthy or Praise

Otejiri (Praiseworthy or Praise or Worthy) was the Lamb on the shoulder of Jesus of Nazareth to whom God has given all things.
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing. (Revelation 5:12) "KJV"
Worthy = Otejiri

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain: Otejiri is the Lamb that was slain

Jesus of Nazareth bind Otejiri hands and feet, carried him on his shoulders, descended with him to the very depth, and ascended back with the glory of the full moon (the glory of his resurrection).

Otejiri = Praiseworthy

Praiseworthy is Mohammad:
The name Muhammad (/mʊˈhæməd, -ˈhɑːməd/) means "praiseworthy" and appears four times in the Quran.

Otejiri (in Urhobo) = Muhammad

Muhammad is the merchant (the trader) of the parable of the pearl who found the moon (the pearl), sold all that he had, and bought it.

Merchant = Mohammad

The Islamic prophet Muhammad was born and lived in Mecca for the first 52 years of his life (570–622 A.D.). Orphaned early in life, he became known as a prominent merchant, and as an impartial and trustworthy arbiter of disputes. Wikipedia
Prominent merchant: Muhammad

The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant: the kingdom of heaven is like Muhammad

Mohammad is the key stone (the cornerstone) described as the precious stone or the fine pearl.

Muhammad compared the relationship between himself and the previous prophets to a building missing a single brick. Wikipedia
Muhammad said, "My similitude in comparison with the prophets before me is that of a man who has built a house nicely and beautifully, except for a place of one brick in a corner. The people go about it and wonder at its beauty, but say: 'Would that this brick be put in its place!' So I am that brick, and I am the seal of the prophets" (fa’anā ’l-labinah, wa anā khātamu ’n-nabīyīn). Wikipedia
'Would that this brick be put in its place!' means that Muhammad is the corner stone that must be placed in his rightful place in Zion.

The brick (the stone) that must be put in its rightful place is the Black Stone of Mecca. In Mecca, it is the black moon (the black stone); in Jerusalem, it is the full moon (the white stone). The black stone of Mecca was originally a dazzling white stone; converting it from a black stone (dark moon) to a white stone (full moon) is restoring the stone to its original state.
Muslims believe that the stone was originally pure and dazzling white, but has since turned black because of the sins of the people who touch it. Its black colour is deemed to symbolize the essential spiritual virtue of detachment and poverty for God (faqr) and the extinction of ego required to progress towards God (qalb). Wikipedia
As a sacrificial Lamb, the sins of the whole world was placed on the stone; and the colour of the stone changed from white to black. The restoration of the stone to its original white colour implies that God has wiped off the sin of the world from the black stone. This means that God has forgiven the sins of the people of the world.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth had no sin. The people thought he was sinful because he was carrying on his shoulder a Lamb painted with the sin of the whole world. The people couldn't differentiate Jesus from the Lamb because the Lamb on his shoulder was invisible. Rather than see the Lamb, they saw sin (their own sin) on Jesus.

The black stone of Mecca is the precious stone like a jasper central to the new Jerusalem:
The city shone like a precious stone, like a jasper, clear as crystal. (Revelation 21:10-11) "GNT"
Precious stone, like a jasper: the black stone of Mecca

This means that the full moon is the glowing black stone of Mecca.

Jasper describing how the brownish fragments of the black
stone of Mecca are cemented together.
Similitude of the Black Stone to Jasper is described as follows:
Its colour is now a deep reddish brown approaching to black. It is surrounded on all sides by a border composed of a substance which I took to be a close cement of pitch and gravel of a similar, but not quite the same, brownish colour. Wikipedia

Mohammed is the son snatched from the depth and united with Jesus of Nazareth in the new Jerusalem (in the new universe).
She gave birth to a son, who will rule all nations with an iron rod. But the child was snatched away and taken to God and his throne. (Revelation 12:5) "GNT"
She = Sunlight (the Church)
       = Female

Son = Child (product)
       = Muhammad
       = Male

God = Jesus of Nazareth

This means that the new Jerusalem is made up of Jesus and Muhammad,
I did not see a temple in the city, because its temple is the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb. (Revelation 21:22) "GNT"
The Lord God Almighty = Jesus of Nazareth
The Lamb = Muhammad

Temple: Mosque, Church or Synagogue

I did not see a temple in the city: there is no Church, Mosque or Synagogue in the New Jerusalem

Because its temple is the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb: the New Jerusalem is Holy Reasoning between Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad.

Jupiter (the fifth planet) is the five-pointed star. The full moon represents Muhammad, Jupiter represents Jesus, and Holy Reasoning between Jesus and Muhammad is represented by the star and the full moon symbol.

Full Moon = Muhammad
Jupiter = Jesus

Jupiter and Full Moon: Jesus and Muhammad