The Second Heaven

Second Heaven: Saint Peter's Square,
Vatican City.
Photo: Catholic Vote
The second heaven is the universe of the Catholic Church whose epicenter is the Vatican City. God in this universe is God the Son, seated at the right hand of God the Father.

The Catholic Church is the kingdom of Peter whom God placed in charge of all Christians,
Jesus said, "Simon son of John, do you love me?" He answered, "Yes, Lord, you know that I love you." Jesus said, Take care of my sheep." (John 21:16) "NIV"

Simon = Peter (Catholic Church)
           = Son (product)

John = Eastern Orthodox Church
        = Father

Simon son of John: Catholic Church product (son) of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Sheep = Christians (the flock of Christ)

Simon...take care of my sheep: Catholic Church...take care of the Christians.

Christians are like sheep grazing on a hill; the green grass on the hill is Holy Wisdom (Divine Wisdom), and the Shepherd is Jesus. This means that the Catholic Church became Jesus (God the Son) immediately God placed Peter (Simon) in charge of all Christians on earth.

Christians are expected to look up to the Catholic Church for leadership, and the Vatican City was required to guide and teach all Christians the right path towards salvation.

Like the Eastern Orthodox Church was the school of Holy Wisdom for the whole world, so the Catholic Church became the global university of Divine Wisdom. And like the Disciples of John were required to follow Jesus, so the Orthodox Churches were expected to follow the Catholic Church immediately the Holy Spirit relocated from the east to the west. After all John acknowledged that Jesus is greater,

John answered, "I baptize with water, but among you stands the one you do not know. He is coming after me, but I am not good enough even to untie his sandals." (John 1:26-27) "GNT"

He = Jesus (Catholic Church)
Me = John (Eastern Orthodox Church)

He is coming after me: the era of the Catholic Church came after the era of the Orthodox Church like the ministry of Jesus came after the ministry of John.

I = John
His Sandals = Jesus' Sandals

I am not good enough even to untie his sandals: John acknowledging that Jesus is greater

This meas that the Eastern Orthodox Church was incorporated into the Catholic Church so that there is only one universal (Catholic) Church. This is why the Eastern Orthodox Church is called the Orthodox Catholic Church.

Heaven is about reasoning on the things of God. It is about Holy Reasoning.

Therefore the location of heaven on earth is wherever Holy Reasoning is located. The Eastern Orthodox Church was the First Heaven when Holy Reasoning was in Constantinople, and when Holy Wisdom flowed from the pentagon to all parts of the world. The Catholic Church became the Second Heaven when Holy Wisdom was relocated from Constantinople to the Vatican City and the Catholic Church became the center of Holy Reasoning.

Holy Reasoning is the Seventh Day of creation. The Eastern Orthodox Church attained the state of Holy Reasoning and became the Seventh Day dedicated to the rest of God the Father, the Catholic Church attained the state of Holy Reasoning and became the seventh day dedicated to the rest of God the Son, and the Pentecostal Church attained Holy Reasoning to become the Seventh Day of rest of God the Holy Spirit.

The Second Heaven is the square (Saint Peter's Square) where the Father is the Blessed Trinity on the left and the Son is the Blessed Trinity on the right. The Blessed Trinity is a right-angled triangle whose three sides are the following three axes: x-, y-, and z-. Since there are two triangles representing the Father and the Son, the square (or the cross) is equal to the hexagram (the six-pointed star).

Father (First Triangle) = Blessed Trinity (x, y, and z)
Son (Second Triangle) = Blessed Trinity (x, y, and z)
Hexagram                    = First Triangle and Second Triangle
                                     = 2 Triangles
                                     = Six Cardinal Directions

This means that the three-dimensional space is a manifestation of the Blessed Trinity, and the six cardinal directions are reflections of the six wings of the Hexagram (the Star of David).
In the real world there are six cardinal directions not involved with geography which are north, south, east, west, up and down. -Wikipedia
Six cardinal directions: six wings of the Star of David or the Hexagram (the six-pointed star)

It is at this point Judaism, represented by the Hexagram (the Star of David), is reconciled to Christianity (represented by the Cross or the four-pointed star).

The hexagram in heaven is made up of two right-angled triangles; the adjacent angle and the opposite angle of each right-angled triangle are each equal to 45°, while the hypotenuse angle is equal to 90°. While the hexagram on earth is made up of two equilateral triangle. The right-angled triangle is the Blessed Trinity 777; where 7 = Father, 7 = Son, and 7 = Holy Spirit. The equilateral triangle is 666 - the height of world power. The hexagram in the flag of the Jewish State of Israel is 666 - the earthly reflection of 777 (the Blessed Trinity).

6 = the Sixth Day of Creation
   = Man (God created man on the sixth day of creation)