The Coronation of God's People

Jesus placing the halo (the crown of glory) on
the heads of his people.
Photo: Orthodox Christian Network
Jesus crowned the people of God with the halo (the crown of glory):
In their midst was a tall young man, standing above all the rest. He placed crowns on each of their heads, and they were further honored. (2 Esdras 2:43)
The coronation of God's people is the glorification of the works of all the people who worshipped God on earth and confessed their faith in Jesus.
Glorification is God's final removal of sin from the life of the Saints (i.e., everyone who is saved) in the eternal state. - Source.

This means that coronation or glorification is absolute forgiveness and total washing away of the sins of the whole world.
As far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our sins. (Psalm 103:12) "GNT"

The Christians are the somatic cells of the body of Christ; and when Jesus was glorified, every Christian was crowned in him.
We boast of the hope we have of sharing God's glory! (Romans 5:2) "GNT"
God have already glorified his people; but God's people were not living in glory or enjoying the benefits of living a glorious life because they lacked understanding. Explaining these things is revealing the halo or crown of glory on the heads of God's people.

Although the halo (the crown) have always been on the heads of the people of God, they endured suffering in the hope that one day God will open their eyes to see the crowns on their heads. Saint Paul spoke of the temporary suffering the people of God experienced before God made them to understand that they have been glorified.
I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us. (Romans 8:18) "GNT"

The Glory = Halo (the Crown)
                  = the Ring of Light

The glory that is going to be revealed: the knowledge of the halo (the crown) that God is going to reveal to his people.

When you acknowledge the sacrifices of good people and reward them for their works, you acknowledge yourself and reward yourself. The Christians didn't know that they crowned (glorified) themselves by crowning (glorifying) the Saints. The haloes (the glories) the Christians placed on the Saints are now crowns of glories on the heads of the Christians.

Whoever gives deserving people honour, praise, and adoration will be honoured, praised and adored. This is how God rewards those who worship him. While we were praising, worshipping, and adoring Jesus, we received praise, worship, and adoration.

The sum of all of us is equal to God; therefore God's glory and majesty is our glory and majesty,
You appointed them rulers over everything you made. (Psalm 8:6) "GNT"

We are the ones sitting on the throne of God; God used our hands to build his kingdom and create his throne, and he is using us to wear his crown and sit on his throne and rule as kings. This means that we are the ones described as follows:
The LORD is king. He is clothed with majesty and strength. (Psalm 93:1) "GNT" 

The LORD is king: we are kings
He is clothed with majesty and strength: we are clothed with majesty and strength

Who created the halo? The Christians created the halo. This means that the Christians created the crown.

Who placed the halo on the heads of the Saints? The Christians placed the halo on the heads of the Saints. They created their own crown and crowned themselves by crowning the Saints. No one was going to create a crown for God and crown God; God created his own crown and crowned himself.
You made them inferior only to yourself; you crowned them with glory and honour. (Psalm 8:5) "GNT"

You crowned them with glory: you crowned them with the halo (or with a ring of light)

The halo is the majesty of God. The LORD created his own throne, his royal robe, his kingdom, and his crown. He created himself, put on his royal robe, sat on his throne, crowned himself, and began to rule. Members of the Church are the cells of the body of God. The creation of the Church by the Christians is the creation of God. This means that God created himself when he created the Christians, and the sum of the Christians is equal to the image and likeness of God.

While the Christians were building the Church, they were building the body of Christ. The past two thousand years history of the world was devoted to building the Church to attain the full statue of the body of Christ. And the appearing of the halo (the glory) is the crowning of the works of the Christians, and the beginning of rest for all God's people.

Saint Paul spoke about this rest:
As it is, however, there still remains for God's people a rest like God's resting on the seventh day. (Hebrews 4:9) "GNT"
The appearing of the halo (the glory) is the declaration of the Day of rest for all God's people. The Christians are granted rest from their work of creation.
For those who receive that rest which God promised will rest from their own work, just as God rested from his. (Hebrews 4:10) "GNT"

Those who receive that rest: the Christians