Herbal Therapy

Peace dove.
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Herbal therapy is the use of the leaves, bark, and root of the tree of life to bring about global peace and reconciliation.
And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. (Revelation 22:2) "KJV"

Leaves = Herbs

Healing = Reconciling

The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations: the herbs extracted from the tree of life were for reconciling the nations

The tree of life is made up of the following three parts:

  1. Crown
  2. Trunk
  3. Root
The crown is Judaism, the trunk is Christianity, and the root is Islam. The Synagogue, the Church, and the Mosque are reconciled to create religious harmony, religious tolerance, and freedom of worship in all nations of the earth.

Religious conflicts and religious intolerance constitute a global epidemic that have been cutting short the lifespan of people all over the world.

This life-threatening disease is the number one killer of humans world-wide, worse than Malaria and HIV/AID.

Religious conflicts and politically motivated religious uprisings have led to civil wars, terrorism, kidnapping, rape, executions, and international conflicts.

Yemen is in flames, Syria has been turned into rubble, Somalia was burnt down, Israel and Palestine are at each other's throat, Iran and Saudi Arabia are at dagger drawn, and Nigeria is at war with Boko Haram.

We have discovered that the disease of religious intolerance between Muslims and Jews can be cured with roots and herbs. The root is Islam and the herb is Judaism. Root extracts and the leaves of the tree of life are the twelve Imams and the twelve tribes of Israel respectively. This combination is used to heal the disease that have been plaguing Muslims and Jews.

The bark of the tree of life is combined with the root to form the herbal medicine used for healing the disease of religious intolerance that have been affecting Christians and Muslims. The trunk of the tree is the twelve Disciples of Jesus, and the root is the twelve Imams. Muslims and Christians are reconciled when the twelve Imams are reconciled to the twelve Disciples of Jesus.

The disease of religious conflicts between Jews and Christians is cured by a herbal medicine made up of the leaves and the bark of the tree of life. The leaves are from the crown (the 12 tribes of Israel) and the bark is from the trunk (the 12 Disciples of Jesus). Peace and harmony between Christians and Jews are attained when the twelve disciples of Jesus are reconciled to the twelve tribes of Israel.

The herbal medicine produced when the leaves, the bark, and the root of the tree of life are combined is the cure to global religious conflicts, extremism, radicalism, and terrorism.
Peace be unto you. (Luke 24:36) "KJV"